Why Storage Use Is On The Up

You may think that storage use would have suffered following the economic downturn however the increasing flexibility and convenience of self storage units has helped storage companies to survive and prosper. Now more than ever, storage firms offer low-cost packages with no cancellation fees and no long-term contracts. This flexibility has made them suitable for even more domestic uses. In addition to this, self storage sites have also had to improve their standards making them cleaner and more secure for all of sorts of expensive, sentimental or invaluable items. So if you weren’t sure why secure storage sites had continued to prosper then take a look at the following benefits they offer.


Is the mess in your house getting you down? Or are you preparing for a house move? Well self storage units can help with these and many other situations in your home. Giving you somewhere safe and secure to store your household possessions, storage units can give you the space you need to spread out, clean up, or decorate. So if you know that you’re laying new carpets or painting your living room then you may want to move some of your things out so that you have room to move. Similarly, if you’re moving house and want to make sure that you’re not stretched for time on the day, moving your items into a self storage room can really help to keep you feeling stress-free.

Self storage units can often be booked for varying periods of time with special discounts for domestic storage packages and long-term deals. Many companies no longer ask you to sign long-winded contracts or deals and many no longer charge you high cancellation fees. So don’t think that you can’t use storage sites unless you have an exact timescale or plan to follow, as most firms should now have a flexible storage option which you can take advantage of.


If you’ve been worried in the past about the level of security which self storage sites have then in this modern day it should be far less of a concern. As long as you find and use a reputable storage company, self storage units and rooms should be even more secure than your home or garage. So if you have expensive items or important documents which you need to keep safe, storage sites can now be the answer. 24 hour surveillance and state-of-the-art alarm systems are often in use, as are electronic locking devices and fully-trained security personnel. All of these aspects should come together to ensure that your antique furniture, family heirlooms and expensive jewellery remain safe and secure for as long as you need. Even if you only need to keep them somewhere safe while you’re on holiday or visiting friends, storage lockers and units can help to give you the peace of mind that you need.


For years people have stored their non-essential items in their attics, garages or outhouse buildings only to find that they have deteriorated in the damp and dusty conditions. Self storage units can put a stop to this by giving you somewhere clean and dry to store your things for the long or short-term. In modern storage sites, gone are the old leaking lock-ups and in are the sturdy units and storage rooms which are well-maintained at all times. So if you don’t want your old books or furniture to end up on the scrap heap, finding a modern storage room to hold them in can help to keep them in a pristine condition.