Why Get Motorized Window Treatment?

It is easy to use blinds for your windows as compared to curtains. You can easily open and close it with a pull or wrist of a cord. However if you go for curtains then it might not be so convenient to open it as it might get stuck in rails. Blinds are also preferable by many because it make your room look more spacious. On the other hand if you go for heavy decorative curtains it makes the room appear smaller. Curtains are more likely to hold mites and allergens which might cause different kind of allergies to your kids and pets. Thus blinds are best alternatives as you can easily dust it with a brush and keep it clean.

Many people nowadays opt for motorized window shades that make it more convenient to control the entry of light into the room. For many years motorized window draperies have been an ignored trend as far as home technology is concerned. However with the launch of motorized rod it has become more convenient to buy blinds. You can also use motorized window treatment for your place to add convenience, protection and comfort in your lifestyle.

Reasons for investing in motorized window blinds

Convenience It becomes a real trouble to deal with multiple windows of your house especially if they are huge. It is not convenient to pull down or pull up the drapes manually. Therefore you can have a motorized controlling system to deal with blind shades where just a push from button can roll up and roll down your window shades. You can also schedule it automatically as per your convenience.

  • Security– You can fix a schedule to bring the shade up and down when you are not at home. This will create an illusion that people are at home. Thus any outsider might feel that people are at home and your home will remain safe from any kind of forced entry.
  • Saving of energy– On a hot day your room tends to get heated up due to the scorching heat of the sun. Thus you will need air conditioner at your disposal always. On the other hand if you have motorized blind shades then you can restrict the entry of light keeping the temperature down. When the sun is really hot you can keep the blinds down thereby keeping the room cool.
  • Protection of furniture and upholstery– It is obvious that if scorching rays of the sun can make your air conditioner run overtime then of course it will harm the furniture of your room too. This might make your furniture and upholstery fade over time. If you have motorized windows then it can be prevented.

Very less technologies are available in the market that can provide comfort and elegance at the same time. Many home owners were demanding a convenient option over curtains like a motorized blind to make life much easier. It is very similar to turning lights on and off using electric switch. You can also do the same thing for window shades by using a remote control or an electronic switch.