What Are The Benefits Of Microliter Vials?

Maintaining a modern laboratory while remaining within budget restraints can sometimes be a difficult task to accomplish. Research equipment is expensive and getting government grants has never been more difficult. Similarly, private funding is not always something that you can rely on, which makes the struggle to find sufficient funding a daunting task. If you hope to continue getting what you have, you have to be able to show that you are making some progress in your research. This is made much easier if you have the right equipment.

When it comes to getting this equipment, there is sometimes a difficult decision to make. You have to balance the price of new tools and resources against their effectiveness in helping you to reach new research outcomes. In other words, the outcome should be focused on getting the best results without overspending the limited resources you have available. Where it concerns autosampler testing, the best way to accomplish this is with Microliter vials.

What Are The Benefits Of Microliter Vials

Making Progress

In 1996, MicroLiter was founded as an independent company focused on providing autosampler technology for some of the leading laboratories around the world. On its own it made quite a stir, setting a new standard for quality and reliability, the Microliter vials become extremely popular. In 2012, Wheaton purchased MicroLiter and made it part of their family of products, extending the assurance that it would keep adapting and evolving these revolutionary vials to ensure that labs continued to get the best.

Easier Transfers

One of the key reasons that Microliter vials are the best choice to use with your autosampler is the transfer of samples from the prep lab to your autosampler. Microliter vials were designed to avoid any of the common flaws that might interfere with the smooth operation of the autosampler. Part of that design includes a more efficient transfer system to ensure that your samples remain secure from start to finish and there are no issues as they transfer to the autosampler.

The Wheaton Quality Assurance

One of the reasons that Microliter vials continue to stand out among the competition is that they are part of the Wheaton family of products. If you have not used Wheaton for ordering before in your laboratory, than it would be difficult to explain the quality that exists. Dealing with Wheaton is easier than communicating with most of the people in your own laboratory. They know their products and know exactly what they are used for.

This means that when you call and need a new container to store one of your samples, they will be able to recommend the one that will fit your unique needs. If this is not helpful enough, all of the physical products themselves meet or exceed regulatory standards, ensuring that you get the best of scientific research equipment and always have the ability to move forward on your projects. Naturally, microliter vials are no exception to this rule.

So, when you are looking for autosampler vials that will fit in your budget and help you to reach your research outcomes in the quickest fashion, Microliter is the place to start.