What Are Hip and Ridge Shingles?

Saving up for your dream house is tough, but once you start building it, you won’t realize what you’re spending. Your home may be your largest investment in life, and you would not want anything substandard for it. Ever since you started drawing the design inside your head, you already wanted the best for your home.

Certainly, you must give it your all. The materials you use—from the cement up to the last furniture—should be the cream of the crop. Never settle for anything less. Just like a cake with a beautiful topper, any house must be topped with the most beautiful roof. Having hip and ridge shingles installed is always a good idea!

Hip and ridge shingles are significant parts that finish a roof’s hips and ridges attractively. They cover up meeting point of the faces of the roof without any hint of awkwardness. Hip and ridge shingles may be multi-layered strips made up of asphalt or fiberglass. As there are many brands out there in the market, be sure to choose wisely.

Why Do I Need Hip and Ridge Shingles?

Aside from having an awkward-looking roof without the hip and ridge shingles, where its slopes meet is actually the most vulnerable part. Your roof may be prone to damage and worse, leakage, if you leave the roof connection exposed to all kinds of weather. You would not want your ceiling to be dripping wet, right? Through hip and ridge shingles, multi-layered roof protection is ensured.

Like cherry on top, hip and ridge shingles also accentuate your already majestic roof, serving as a dramatic enhancement. You can choose from a wide array of design and color for a finish that is one of a kind. Top color picks are aged redwood, charcoal grey, and earthtone cedar.

Hip and ridge shingles are must-haves especially if you live in a town where algae discoloration is usual. There are specific types of hip and ridge shingles that are resistant to algae discoloration. See, once again your precious roof is saved. Plus, your home’s roof stands out.

Leave Your Roofing Concerns to Roofing Experts

Roofing is something taken care of by experts. If you have not yet experienced handling roof crisis, you better help yourself by contacting the best roof experts in your town.

It is never shameful to ask professional help when you need one. Always keep in mind that design matters, but most of all, quality and cost-effectiveness should be considered.

Written by True Son Exteriors, the best contractor for roofing in Columbia, MO.