Understanding Marketing for Lawyers

Many lawyers may be fully knowledgeable about legal matters, but they could lack any know-how about proper marketing. They may not be willing to spend precious time and effort for marketing and sales efforts. They may want to focus on the “practice”, because practicing is difficult enough. They may deal with time constraints, difficult clients and firm politics, making marketing a low-priority item in the list. Yes, it is difficult to practice law, but it doesn’t help if lawyers’ opportunities seem to dry up and they are unable to attract good clients. In the United States alone, there are more than one million lawyers and the competition can be quite fierce.

The easiest solution is to outsource marketing efforts and let professionals do their own works. Before choosing an outsourced marketing service, it is important that these professionals understand about current legal landscape. Law practice is a profession, but earnings and revenues could still drive major decisions. In the competitive landscape, being a good lawyer isn’t enough and it is important for them. If they want to improve their careers, it is important for them to know about client acquisition and legal marketing.

This is the only way for them to have better control over their professional career. More popular lawyers are able to bill higher hourly fees, ensuring larger revenues. When it comes to legal marketing, getting started can be quite challenging, especially for lawyers who open the practice. However, lawyers shouldn’t see marketing efforts as time consuming or even demeaning. They often can get results by selling real values and benefits. The reason why lawyers don’t like marketing efforts is that they are never taught about it in the law school.

In reality, new lawyers could have more spare time while they still have a few clients. They can make better use of the idle time in office hours to focus on marketing efforts. They could read marketing books on how to project their marketing campaigns. This allows them to choose marketing tactics that fit their personality. Marketing their solutions can be enjoyable and easy. It is important to know what motivates and inspires them. They should know what kind of activities they love to do. When delivering marketing messages, legal professionals should be aware of basic marketing concepts, such as strengths, weakness, opportunity and threats.

The SWOT method can be applied in many marketing campaigns, including those for lawyers. Key ingredients of a successful marketing campaign include strategic planning, tactical executions and effective follow-ups. Real achievements always come from good preparation and any kind of shotgun approach would only invite haphazard results.

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