Top 5 Reasons Why Amazon Kindle Will Continue to Get Popular

5 Reasons why Kindles are Becoming More Popular

 Tablets are becoming more and more popular these days, and as developments are made, we are starting to use them for more and more things. One of the most popular kinds of tablet is the e-reader, most notably the Kindle. The Kindle allows you to read books more easily than you can with a physical book, but surely that takes away part of the experience? What is it that makes Kindles so popular? Kindles are getting smarter with time and giving tough competition to mainstream vendors, further to that amazon keeps on publishing offers which can be utilized using online coupons and discount vouchers. Infibeam, Tradus, Inkfruit, Ebay, Amazon, India Plaza and India times are some of the popular merchants who sell kindles.


  1. Take your books anywhere 

The Kindle is slim and small, and can fit into a bag or a purse more easily than a book can. You can put so many types of reading material on it that it is perhaps one of the handiest things to carry around, because it will save you from having a bag full of pieces of paper on your way to work, and it will keep your bag light because it weighs less than a pound.

  1. Do more than just read 

Improvements and upgrades are always being made to Kindles and the more recent models allow you not only to read but also to listen to audiotapes and even radio. You can also check your emails, look up word definitions, search for directions (and all that stuff you can do on a smartphone) and you can even watch movies on some models. Plus, when an upgrade is made, you can buy a new model and transfer the data from your old one to it, so you won’t be losing anything.
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  1. Read what you want, when you want 

When you take a book somewhere with you, that’s the book you’re stuck reading until you get home. Whilst this probably isn’t much of an issue, as most people will stick to the book they’re reading and see it through to the end before starting another, for people who can’t seem to pay attention to one thing at a time, the Kindle offers much more choice, as you can store multiple books on it. In fact, the latest Kindle model allows you to store around 3500 books on it. That’s probably more than you’re ever going to read, but it will save you a LOT of bookshelf space, and you can use the space on a Kindle to do more than just read.

  1. Don’t lose your place!

Fancy non-book-related features aside, the Kindle really does make life easier when reading. First of all, you can turn a page with just a swipe of a finger, so when you’re snuggled up to read, you don’t need to change positions to turn the page (a little thing, but one that will have annoyed everyone at some point.) Plus, you can bookmark pages, and when you turn the Kindle off, it will remember where you left off when you turn it back on. You can also highlight and take notes, which is really useful if you’re studying a book or if you’re preparing notes for a meeting or presentation.

  1. Avoid getting eye-strain

If you’re a book-lover, you’ll probably find that what is supposed to be a ten minute reading session turns into an hour-long reading session. Reading for long periods of time on a backlit screen such as an iPad or a laptop is a bad idea, because it will strain and damage your eyes. The Kindle screen is not backlit, and is much easier on your eyes. This also has the benefit of making it readable in bright sunlight, so you can read outside.
Kindles are always becoming more and more advanced, and they are quickly catching up with other tablets such as the iPad. Of course, Kindles still have the primary function of being e-readers, but with other features being added on a regular basis, they are becoming even handier. One of the things which separate them from other tablets is their price. E-readers are still the cheapest option, and you can bring the price down even more if you search for discount codes and coupons before you buy.