Top 3 Friendliest Home Security Reviews

Nowadays, the need for home security is continually inflating as more and more news about crimes like theft and intrusion are being placed in the headlines and subjected to many discussion as how people will go to desperate measures to make ends meet. With this reason why ADT has created a home security solutions to help many families and individuals to maximize their home’s protection and eliminate the risk caused by burglars and criminals. Even before the existence of home security equipment, ADT has already been providing a secured and efficient service for banks and businesses. And after a century, ADT has grown tremendously from small business-centered company into a large scale home security company, in which they are now being recognized as one of the largest home security service provider in America with more than 7 million active users.

ADT monitoring is one of the most respected company in home security industry with more than 135 years of experience and 4 monitoring centers across North America. Due to the quality of product and prompt service why ADT has built a strong name not only the industry where they belong, but also because of the quality of service that the company provide. While the company provides 5 different package options for consumers, they also offer the ability to add on variety of products to round out your home security system. This is indeed a good feature if you want know what you do and no not want to pay when it comes to additional equipment. But on top of that, ADT also offer custom home services that is packed with advanced technology & monitoring devices. To check the efficacy of the company when it comes to security system, below are some of the ADT reviews that we’ve gather:

Variety of Home Surveillance Options & Upgrades

With ADT home surveillance system, home owners can always keep a close eye on every corner and areas of their home at any location. ADT surveillance option allows one to securely monitor and view who’s at home and view it remotely even while you’re away. There are so many surveillance video upgrade available so customers will never feel limited in what they can do. Customers can upgrade their service to add a digital video recorder, tamperproof dome camera, quad splitter and video duplicators. To get more info you can check BBB ratings as well.

$500 Theft Protection

If ever your home security is breached while your ADT security system is on, the company will pay you up to $500 of your own insurance deductible, thus not placing your investment in waste. This unique coverage is not offered by top security companies, and only offered at ADT.

Cost-effective Activation

The standard installation for ADT home security equipment is set on the standard price of $99. But there is no activation fee or any HIDDEN FEES placed on customer’s shoulder. Other companies may offer a ‘free installation’ but then, they charge an activation fee of $99 or more instead. But with ADT, you can therefore guarantee that you are getting the worth of your money. Installation is not bad at the price of $99 when you consider a free activation. This site show everything about an ADT Home Security.