Tips to Stay Cool in the Summer

Everyone wants to cool down during the summer in one way or another. If you are using your air conditioner, you will not only be looking to keep cool but also to keep your utility bill down and save some money. There are many ways to stay cool in the summer without using an air conditioner, but there are also ways to stay cool using an air conditioner and still keep your utility bill low. Check out these tips that will hopefully help you save some money.

  1. Turning the AC down at night

During the night, summer temperatures generally cool down to comfortable levels for one to sleep. While sleeping, many people are not aware of how hot it is. Turning down your AC will still leave you cool, and help you save money and energy. When getting an AC, go for one that has “sleep mode” since these can lower the amount of cold air being pushed out of your AC unit. They are also set on a timer which saves you money while keeping you cool.

  1. Portable units

There is normally no need of cooling the whole house at once. You can opt for portable AC units that will cool the given room you are in. These units help you keep cool while using 50% of the energy normally used to keep normal ACs running.

  1. Closing vents

The coldest place in the house is usually the basement. As such, cold air will head to this lower level and will be lost through the vents if they are left open. By closing these vents, the cold air in the basement will be forced to move to the upper levels cooling the top levels as it rises higher before heading back down to the basement to cool off again. This creates a continuous cycle of cold air cooling the upper levels before heading back down to cool again.

  1. Servicing your air conditioner

To keep your AC in top shape so that it serves you better and at maximum efficiency, you should ensure that your AC is serviced regularly. This will keep all the parts running efficiently because in the summer your unit will have to run overtime as it keeps you cool. If you have an outdoor unit, this will ensure that there are no seeds or leaves within it that make the unit work harder.

  1. Check the ducts

You should ensure that the ducts within your home are all properly insulated. This way, no cool air is also before it reaches before its desired destination. Checking for proper insulation of the ducts in your home where air conditioning does not run through ensures that you bring in the coolest air possible. Proper insulation ensures that no warm air is coming in during the summer when you are struggling to keep cool.

  1. 78 degrees

Your AC works at peak performance when at 78 degrees. You should, therefore, keep your AC running steady at this temperature will optimize performance keeping you cooler for longer while still saving you money.

  1. Using a fan

A fan can be your best friend during the summer. This cools you off directly and can be taken to any room or part of the home. This way, you increase on the amount of cool air in the home to keep your indoor home environment cooler.

  1. What to do when you are not at home

If you are not at home, always set your AC at 85 degrees and ensure that you close all the window shades and windows. This prevents hot air from outside from getting into your home making your AC run harder and longer to try keeping the home cool. This way, the already cool air within the home will remain there for longer maintaining lower temperatures when you are away.

Written by APM Construction Services, a construction and home maintenance company that is the best choice for heating and cooling in Columbia, MO.