Things That You Should Know About Torsion Springs Which Operate Your Garage Door

 You should know this fact that it is the torsion spring which opens your garage door. For sure you might think that it is the electric garage door opener which is responsible for opening your garage door but in reality the torsion spring is responsible for opening the garage door. The heavy work in opening the garage door is taken care of by torsion springs. The torsion springs are tightly coiled springs which act as an energy source. It is not like other spring loaded mechanism. The spring mechanism in the car truck is a perfect example as it allows the car owner to open the trunk of the care with a very little effort.

The torsion spring resets or rewinds when the garage door is closed. When the garage door opener which is generally electrically opens or raises the garage door then the spring loaded mechanism is activated and the garage door is opened easily and smoothly. In case if the garage door doesn’t open or closes smoothly and easily then you should know that there is some problem with the garage door. There are a number of reasons because of which one might face problem with the garage door the most common problem is the presence of dirt in the tack or damaged torsion spring or the ball bearing in the door panel might have been damaged.

How to Increase the Life Span?

In order to keep the garage door in the best shape and the opening and closing mechanism of the garage door intact you will have to make sure that the garage door is maintained regularly. To increase the lifespan of the torsion spring of the garage door you will have to carry out regular maintenance work of garage door. In case if the garage door torsion spring which you own is damaged then you should consider contacting the manufacturer. You can even contact the custom spring manufacturer for getting the right torsion spring of your garage door. You will have to give specific details of the torsion spring and the material from which it is to be made to the manufacturer beforehand only. In case if there is any problem in the track like accumulation of dust or if the bearings of the door are damaged then the torsion spring will be subjected to additional pressure which will eventually damage the torsion spring.

You should change the torsion spring of your garage door within 4 to 7 years after purchasing the door. The number of cycles which the door goes through is the main factor which should be considered for deciding whether the garage door torsion spring needs to be replaced or not. The opening and closing of the garage door reduces the lifespan of the torsion spring therefore as per the frequency or cycle of closing and opening of garage door you should calculate when you will have to change the torsion spring of your garage door. You should select the best custom spring manufacturer or supplier for getting your hands on the required torsion spring.

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