The Things You Need To Do While Moving Your Business To Another Location

To shift your business to different places always presents a complicated issue. You face lot of chaos, misplacement of things and even need to solve the problems concerning your staff while moving your office to another location. Preparing a checklist will help you to reduce the confusions usually occurring in such situations. It will help you in guiding to follow proper procedure to ensure your shifting work done as desired.

The things you need to do while finalizing the move:

  • Inform your current landlord/landlady about your plan to shift in few days.
  • Try to find out the best movers and packers firm suitable to do the job efficiently in cost effective way. While consulting their staff, list the things you consider to be shifted and hint the ways you prefer to pack them.
  • It will be best to appoint skilled electricians to fix the electrical infrastructure properly in the new place before shifting of office material.
  • You need to inform your staff members about your plan to shift office in another location. It will help them to decide the suitable way to commute to new place.
  • Ask them to list the things they need to shift from this office.
  • You need to mail the relocating address info to your suppliers, clients and others.
  • If you are renting the new premises, make sure that the place owner knows the alteration you prefer to do before doing the necessary changes.
  • You will need to give notice to local official places like revenue commissioner’s office, insurance firms and other Government offices.

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Few hints to prepare the checklist:

  • Time: You need to calculate the hours it will take office goods to be shifted. It will help to decide whether it will be beneficial to appoint fast transport service or a normal one. Fast service providers may be little expensive.
  • Make list of the things you need to shift to new location. This helps in replacing the things and to know the items needed to be upgraded.
  • Appoint staff members to involve in the shifting work. Whenever shifting of office takes place to different premises, it is sure to disturb office work. Listing few staff members to do the job will not create lot of hassles in the working hours.
  • Make sure before moving that you have figured out the places where the office accessories will have to be placed. Whether the place has been cleaned, all the essential electrical fixtures like telephone lines, network infrastructure, proper ventilation and lighting appliances have been implanted as required to work efficiently. Whether you have fixed all the safety gadgets needed to secure your working place.

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