The Most Common Issues Your Garage Door Is Likely To Experience

Garage is no more a place where you park your cars alone. It is turned into a tool shed in some places and a work place in some places and a kids’ play room in some places. When you use your garage for multiple purposes, you keep on opening and closing the door frequently. The repeated opening and closing will naturally take its toll and the chances of malfunctioning are quite high. It can be really inconvenient if the door breaks down unexpectedly.

What are the most common problems of a garage door?

Garage door does not operate

This is the most common issue with the garage doors. There could be numerous reasons for this. The tension cables or springs could be broken. An automatic door would have got locked in manual mode. The metal track may be out of alignment. If the door opens easily but refused to close, the photo eye may be misaligned.

Garage door making loud screeching noise

Screeching and squealing sounds may cause a lot of annoyance to you and your neighbors. When dirt or debris gets stuck in the track or when the track is not lubricated it may cause squeaking and screeching noises. Your garage door will start to function once you remove the debris and lubricate the track. If you are too busy to do it yourselves, it is not an issue at all. All you have to do is contact a garage door repair round rock service.

Remote control of the garage door does not work

It could be a simple dead battery problem. You may just have to replace the dead battery to make it work again. It could also be a bigger problem like malfunctioning of motor.

Garage door falls quickly with a bang while closing

This is a serious problem that needs immediate fixation. It may cause injuries. When the cable gets broken or when the spring becomes loose, this problem may arise. The best option is to call an emergency garage door service to fix it.

Garage door moves unevenly

Uneven movement of garage door is a symptom that there is some debris or obstruction in the track. This may prevent the wheels from running smoothly. You can check for debris and remove them. If the movement is uneven after removing the debris, you should check the springs. If the springs do not stretch the same amount, it may cause this problem. Get the help of a garage door service company to solve the problem. Unnecessary delays may lead to serious troubles.

Garage door closing partially

This becomes a safety issue for the whole family. If there is any object in the way it can be removed easily. If it remains stuck even after removing the obstruction, it is better to get the services of a technician as early as possible.

Some of the garage door problems can be solved by you but there are some problems that need the help of technicians. Get the help of an experienced and trustable technician.