Textured Paint Can Do Wonders For Your Walls

It is a well-known fact that freshly colored walls significantly change the overall atmosphere and outlook of any space, interior or exterior. Sometimes frequent repainting is the only convenient way of covering construction flaws without having to do any major reconstruction. This is the area where textured paint gives best results. Also, adding texture to the walls gives unique aesthetic enhancement, which makes textured paint applicable in other situations apart from wall construction makeovers and additionally attractive to home owners. Here is a list of potential benefits from textured paint application. 

Drywall Aesthetic Issues

There are several frequent problems that owners of flats and houses with drywalls experience.  Some may be fixed during installation, however, non -original owners can only remedy the issues. Visible panel joints are the most frequent aesthetic problem, being especially disturbing if they are misaligned. This is followed by drywall screws being loosely fitted and clearly visible or too tight, leaving drywall surface damaged. Lastly, over sanded drywall paper leaves noticeable surface rises and bumps. Whereas regular paint is useless here, a textured paint will do a perfect job covering all aesthetic drywall issues.

Textured Paint Can Do Wonders For Your Walls

Sound Insulation

Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly hard to hide away from all the noise that surrounds us. Even home interiors are not spared. Living in a quiet area is certainly better that living next to frequent streets or industrial area. However, very often the buzz of all electrical appliances is sufficient to cause an unpleasant level of noise. Textured paint steps in as a savior once again. With uneven surface it creates it deadens sound effectively, provides good acoustics, healthier and more pleasant atmosphere and it is generally considered as one of the best noise reducing hacks.

Space Improvement and Design Freedom

As it was mentioned above, fresh painted walls are the first step in creating a better atmosphere. Textured paint moves everything a step further by adding depth and uniqueness to the space. The multitude of available designs makes them inspiring to work with and a means to unleash one’s creative potentials. The structure of textured paints and the level of customization it allows create a lot of opportunity when it comes to making personal statements and original applications.

Paint Type Concerns

There are several types of textured paint and which to choose usually boils down to what kind of surface you wish to obtain, that is, which texture grade to use. Premixed and sand texture paints provide a rougher surface due to rough granules they contain. On the other hand, smooth texture paint has no particles, leaving smooth surface and giving the appearance of plaster. Obviously, a choice is left to individual preferences. As long as a good textured paint was chosen and carefully applied, everything will be all right.

Textured Paint Can Do Wonders For Your Walls

Application Notices

Thou carefully selected wall color can do wonders to your walls, in order for it to display its fullest potential there are several procedural points that need to be followed. First of all, the wall surface needs to be thoroughly prepared, which means cleaned of all dirt and all holes filled. Applying primer is also recommended. Finally, allow 24 hours for texture to fully dry before applying the finishing paint.

To sum up, texture paint is certainly a practical way of enhancing the appearance of your walls. The unique looks and other listed benefits certainly give a good recommendation to give it a try.