Surprising Technologies Going Into Modern Cars

Technology has made many incredible advances over the years and the trend will likely continue. If you are interested in buying a new car, you are probably asking yourself about the new features that you can expect to find inside. Understanding the benefits that modern cars can provide will give you an idea of the type of vehicle that will meet your needs effectively. Some of the features you wiill discover come standard in many new cars, but others are after-market products that you will need to buy separately. The latest technology has the potential to make each trip safer, easier, and more enjoyable than you once thought possible. Here is a close look at some of the most surprising new technologies in cars today.

Windshield Projector

Most people find their GPS is a vital tool when they travel to unknown locations or want to find the closest restaurant, gas station, or movie theater. But looking at your GPS unit while you are behind the wheel is a risky move you might want to avoid. A few companies are working on a solution that promises to combat that problem, allowing you to use your navigation system without stress. Windshield projectors display the information from your GPS on your windshield, and you will never need to look away from the road.


A vehicle’s suspension is designed to enhance control for the driver and provide comfort to the passengers. But the latest suspension systems could soon use sensors and CPUs to produce the best possible results. The computer and sensors will work together to control the suspension, customizing it for the terrain on which the car is traveling. In addition to helping cars, the new suspension technology can work wonders for off-road vehicles. Rhino Axles made ori stx struts are a good example of how off-road technologies like these are being taken to the next level.

App Integration

Several companies now offer drivers the ability to control their cars from mobile apps on their smartphones. You would need to install the device on your car and connect it to the app to have it fully function. With these devices, you will be able to start and lock your car remotely and some even allow you to track your car with a GPS.

Automatic Braking

Most new cars come with an automatic braking feature that can detect possible collisions and apply the brakes to avoid them. Because this feature can respond faster than a human would, it takes safety to a whole new level.

If you are not happy with the features that you have seen in cars in the past, the future might hold the answers for which you have been looking. The latest gadgets offer the promise of safer and more reliable transportation than anyone has ever experienced. The technology discussed here is only the start, and if the past is any indicator, the future has limitless potential.