Some Common Myths Associated With Home Plumbing

Plumbing includes the pipelines, taps and the drainage, which is installed in order to provide potable water and also to collect and dispose the waste. Home plumbing is something, which needs constant maintenance and cleaning. There are quite a few myths, which one needs to avoid.

Some Common Myths Associated With Home Plumbing

Myths people believe in

  • Lemons clean garbage disposals

Lemons actually do not help clean garbage disposals, but they only help you get rid of the foul garbage smell. In order to clean the garbage disposal, you need to use proper disinfectants instead of lemons.

  • Running water cleanses garbage disposals

It is the general thinking that water cleans everything, but this is a myth itself. There are certain wastes, which continue to block the plumbing even after they come in contact with water. For example hard and thick food items like banana peels will not go down the garbage disposal even if you keep running water. This will ultimately damage the plumbing system. What you need to do is break those food items into smaller pieces and then run them down with water.

  • Cleaning plumbing fixtures with soap

Cleaning everything with soap is not a good option, for example, brass plumbing fixtures should be cleaned with milder solutions like baking soda or lemons.

  • Using in-tank toilet cleaners

In-tank toilet cleaners only bleach the plumbing instead of cleaning it effectively. Instead of using in-tank toilet cleaners you can use vinegar into the overflow tube.

  • Water pressure regulators can be relied upon

Water pressure regulators inform you about the water pressure but they are not completely dependable, you should check the water pressure yourself from time to time.

  • Every plumber is good

It is not necessary that every plumber is good. You need to make sure that the plumber you hire is good at what he does.

  • Plumbing does not require maintenance

This is the biggest myth as well as misconception that plumbing does not require any maintenance. Most people think that once the plumbing fixtures are installed, the fixtures will continue to fulfill their need and provide services without any kind of cleaning and maintenance.

The drainage system may be clogged even when the disposal system is working. When the drainage system starts working slowly, this indicates that it is clogged.

What you can do

  • Clean the fixtures after every use.
  • Break thick and big pieces of food into smaller bits to avoid clogging of drains.
  • Check water pressure yourself
  • Use mild cleaners like lemons or baking soda to clean fixtures.
  • Read user manuals carefully
  • Keep regular checks on the plumbing.
  • When you notice that the drainage system is clogged, you should stop using the disposal system so that the problem does not become worse.

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Plumbing myths should be avoided at all costs in order to prevent wastage of money later when the drainage or plumbing system gets damaged.