Small Kitchens With Big Hearts

A kitchen is every woman’s pride as well as her biggest nightmare. It’s a place she can let out her inventive side trying out the latest recipe she saw on television or using her own ingenuity to cook up something different. It is also a place she hates coming back to after that lavish party when she sees all those dirty dishes piled up.

Every woman tries to keep her kitchen efficient, hygienic and beautiful as she spend a considerable amount of time in this part of her haven- making the morning coffee and breakfast, cooking meals for guests, or just grabbing a refreshing cup of tea after a long day of work. A small kitchen can be a nuisance in this regards if it feels cramped as it feels claustrophobic and there never seems to be enough space to carry out any chore.

Fear not- with a few tips, changes and remodelling you can at least make your kitchen appear better and increase its efficiency so it becomes your perfect mate assisting you along the way to bring alive your glorious creations!

Colour Scheme

It is all about the illusion! If the eye is tricked into moving in one fluid motion it creates an illusion of continuity and can greatly affect how you view your kitchen. Use minimum amount of contrast that can cause the eye movement to break and it would be ideal to stick to a similar colour hue to reduce visual boundaries. This does not apply only to the walls but also the furniture like cabinets too which should blend in with the general theme of the kitchen rather than appear jarring. Remember- white is you friend!

A “Glassy” Finish

This can do wonders to your little abode. A glassy look to the kitchen will not only add oodles of sophistication but will also amaze you at how it can make your kitchen look spacious. Try going for glass cabinets and a glass door as it’ll make the eye movement follow to the farthest end giving an added sense of distance which brings a whole new dimension to your tiny kitchen giving it the perfect look you’ve always wanted.

Another added advantage to clear cabinets is that you never have to open every cabinet to look for ingredients- it helps you keep your ingredients organised and you know exactly where a certain ingredient is kept.

Bring the perfect food storage containers to fit into those cabinets to further increase the efficiency in your kitchen.

Let the Light Shine Through

Natural light has many benefits. It creates an illusion of enlarged space and also gives the kitchen a fresh and hygienic look. Let in the fresh light through a large window and if that doesn’t work out, maybe you can incorporate a skylark if possible. This will make your kitchen feel alive and you can open the window for some fresh air and sunlight as you make your morning coffee. There’s nothing that can wake you up better than a fresh breeze of air.

Choosing the Right Furniture

Furniture makes a huge difference. When you’re in a tiny kitchen the least thing you need is bumping into bulky furniture blocking your space. Go in for slender and sleek furniture and buy furniture which can be remodelled and dismantled and packed away. You can buy a table which fits smaller tables under it without utilising too much space. Go for stools or slender chairs of iron rather than wooden furniture which is a lot heavier. The end result will be quite refreshing.

Efficient Storage

Use as many cabinets as possible to stack away utensils and electronic gadgets to give yourself maximum work place to function. Use drawers to stack away cutlery rather than using a table spoon stand, similarly stack away masala boxes, plates, and containers to make maximum space available rather than having a cluttered kitchen.

A kitchen is a place you cannot avoid visiting at least once a day. Make your tiny kitchen into a well-functioning unit that helps you do your work faster and let it be a place you enjoy coming back to rather than a drudgery.  These tips will surely help you transform your kitchen and make a magical place where your food dreams come true!