Slip and Fall? 4 Tips to Rehabilitation

If you have recently suffered a slip and fall accident, it is important that you know about the best way to prepare for your recovery. While there are many types of accidents, most people experience pain, fear, and uncertainty following a slip and fall. The best way to get back on your feet is to exercise patience in recovery. Here are 4 tips for rehabilitation.


1. Adhere To The Recommendations Of Medical Professionals

Acting too quickly could lead to further injury. If you have been hospitalized or prescribed extended bed rest, follow the recommendations of medical professionals to the fullest extent possible. This will help prevent complications later on in the recovery process. This will also allow for proper recovery of strength and movement. Visit your doctor regularly for post-accident evaluation.


2. Get A Pain Management Plan

If you have been prescribed pain medication, make sure to adhere to the dosage prescribed by your doctor. Anticipating a prolonged recovery period could lead to complications such as addiction to prescription pain medication or other health issues due to dependence on medications such as acetaminophen. Such a plan will enable you to avoid potential complications such as pain or side effects and will provide an opportunity to manage the pain before they begin. A slip and fall that is accompanied by pain can make the recovery process more difficult.


3. Move As Much As Possible

Exercising as much as possible will help you recover more quickly. When you return to work or school, your body may feel like it doesn’t function properly. It is important that you prepare your body before returning to your normal lifestyle. This will help prevent further injuries, leaving you feeling that the recovery process has not gone as planned. Exercises such as walking, cycling and swimming in water provide a low-impact workout and will help you recover properly.


4. Eat A Well-Balanced Diet

While you may be under the care of a nutritionist, eating a well-balanced diet is important to your recovery. Following a strict diet will help you feel better during the recovery process. It is important that you stop eating highly-processed foods and fatty foods such as fried foods and fast food to prevent future complications. It is important to avoid becoming overweight during your recovery period.



Knowing how to prepare for the recovery period following a slip and fall accident is critical for proper rehabilitation. Following the tips above will help you become stronger and more confident in your ability to react to an unexpected situation. These four tips will help you prepare physically and mentally for a speedy recovery.