Simple Ways To Make Your University Accomodation Feel More Homely

When you move into university accommodation, it often doesn’t feel very homely. So, we are here to give you some inspiration for non-permanent additions to your space to make it feel more comfortable and familiar! No matter what your room is like, you can transform it to make it feel like home. So, let’s get stuck in! 

Add Plants

The first thing you can do to make your room feel more homely is to add some plants to your room. Houseplants are great to have in your space, as they can help with your focus, productivity as well as boosting your mood and keeping the air nice and fresh. Plus, they look beautiful and will add some life to your room! 

Aloe vera, snake plants and peace lilies are all great for university rooms, as they are very resilient, don’t need much light and don’t need to be watered very often. Many universities have plant sales on campus, so you can buy your plants from there. Otherwise, head to a local gardening store and have a good browse for resilient plants that will add character to your room. 

Hang Wall Art Prints

Now it’s time to add some life to your room with wall art prints! People often think that wall art is out of the picture when it comes to decorating your uni room as it is believed that wall art is difficult to hang, however you can get removable adhesive strips that mean you can hang some wonderful wall art around the room without there being any permanent damage from nails or hooks. All you need to do is follow the instructions on the removable adhesive strips carefully to make sure they are attached properly, and also to make sure you will be able to remove them without damage. 

You can get really creative with your wall art prints, choosing a range of different ones to create a gallery wall or sticking with one or two to bring character to the wall. Filling up some of the blank space on the wall will make such a big difference and you can easily take them from place to place if you move between uni years! 

Bring Lots of Photos

Next up, make sure that you bring lots of photos from home so you have a wall of wonderful memories that you can see everyday. Before you leave for university, print off lots of photos of your friends and family, and then you can stick them all onto a pinboard, use blu tack to attach them to furniture like your wardrobes or you could attach them all together with string and drape them around the room. 

If you are ever feeling a bit homesick, you can look at these beautiful photos and be reminded of your loved ones. You will feel so much more at home with these photos and you can gradually add more from your time at university! 

Add Homely Smells

Another wonderful way to make your accommodation feel more homely is to add a few homely smells. You could get the same hand soap that you used at home, use the same washing powder for your clothes or you could get a scent diffuser. This way, whenever you walk in the room, wash your hands or put a piece of clothing on, you will have that nice reminder of being home. This can be really comforting whilst you adjust to being at uni, but you will soon feel at home. 

Add Fairy Lights or A Lamp

This one might sound a bit cliche, but adding fairy lights to your room can really make it feel more homely. If you’re not a big fan of fairy lights, a lamp will do the same job. Usually when you move into university accommodation, you might find that the lighting is very bright and not very welcoming. 

So, before you move, pick up a lamp or some fairy lights. This will add another dimension of light to the room, so that you have the option of having slightly less bright lighting for when you want to really relax. This can make a big difference to your experience at uni, so it is definitely worth doing! 

Final Thoughts

Moving to university can be a daunting process, so knowing you have plenty of things that you can utilise to make your room feel more homely is really important. It will take some time to adjust to your new lifestyle, but you will know that you have a cosy and comfortable room to come back to no matter what. When you need some you time or if you feel stressed, you can relax in your room and feel happy there. So, investing in a few little things before you head to uni could make the transition to university a much easier process! 

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