Shutter Blinds For Your Home Or Office: Know Their Varieties And How To Buy Them

Shutter blinds are the horizontal arrangement of slats and louvers which add a touch of glamour to your domestic or commercial property, and they also ensure the greatest safety of your home. They can be motorized or manual, depending on your requirements.

In a nutshell, shutter blinds not only look beautiful, they also serve the chief security purpose of any living area. They are used in homes, offices, hospitals, schools and other public buildings. They are cost effective, easy to operate, easy to maintain and needless to say look quite classy. Shutter blinds can be made of a variety of materials, the most common ones being wood, reinforced plastic, etc. They last long and require minimum maintenance. There are several varieties of shutter blinds used today, all designed to suit specific needs.

Varieties of Shutter Blinds: choose one according to the design of your rooms, and according to your budget 
  • Roman Blinds – They are fabric-based shutter blind supported by brackets and a head-rail. They retain the privacy of your home, at the same time they do not obstruct the free flow of natural sunlight and air into the rooms.
  • Roller Blinds – Easy to install and come with top, side or bottom fixing. They can be of plain hem or turret style variety. The latter costs more than the plain one.
  • Wood Blinds – As the name suggests, made of wood, often of very high quality timber to cope with extreme weather conditions. They are more expensive and require periodic maintenance.
  • Venetian Blinds – Aluminum is the primary material used and given an enamel finish with very high quality paint. They are meant to withstand high humidity and extreme heat conditions.
  • Vertical Blinds – Commonly seen in offices and public buildings, they mainly operate with a chain and weighted chord fastened to it. If you do not know how to operate the blinds, you can consult a shutter blind specialist.
What are the advantages of shutter blinds?

Shutter blinds provide easy control of the amount of light and air inflow into the interiors.

  • They ensure privacy when they are closed.
  • Shutter blinds act as very good substitutes for curtains and heavy drapery, which are difficult to maintain. Shutter blinds are easy to maintain and are comparatively cheaper.
  • Shutter blinds look good and they can brighten up any interior.
  • They are durable and last quite long with an occasional maintenance.
  • Easily available and installation is hassle free.
How to Choose the Most Suitable Kind of Shutter Blinds?
  • Different types of shutter blinds reflect different moods; hence it is very important to choose the type of blinds after careful thinking. Whether you choose the plantation blinds or the plain Aluminum ones, you must know the purpose, estimate the cost and know the procedure to maintain them.
  • You can add wooden blinds for a classier feel, but you must ensure that the blinds are not too small or excessively large for your windows. . Though wood blinds them don’t consume space, they tend to look heavy and so a little extra space makes them look easy on the eyes.
  • It is advisable to go for wood blinds if you have decided on a higher budget and you are ok with regular maintenance. Otherwise it is better to go for the other blinds, as they are easy on the pockets and easy to maintain.
  • In spite of its high cost, wood blinds is the most elegant type of shutter blinds. They are a class apart and you can surely go for them if you can afford them and want to add an elegant feel to your interior.

Browse the internet, several online as well as round the corner stores can come to your rescue if you are still confused. Book an appointment and their experts will visit you and help you with everything related to shutter blinds.