Rules That Keep You Fit And Healthy

There is often a negative perception about physical activity. People make excuses for not doing, accusing the lack of time, justifying fatigue as a reason to avoid playing sports. But what we must remember is to start simply. Do not ask questions, not to wonder if it tempts us or not, but welcome every time you do something for your health.

  • The first thing to do and what I believe essential is to have a goal other than weight loss. Of course, there may be weight, but I think what is even more powerful is goals like “I want more energy to play with my daughter.” It often gives us courage to proceed anyway. Then I would advise to have an assessment of your full fitness in a fitness center, from people certified in the field, who have an appropriate education. The coach in such centers is responsible for assessing, among other things, the general shape, lifestyle, strength, cardiovascular capacity, flexibility of his client. One may suggest exercises to do at home, take exercise DVDs, work with devices … There are all kinds of ways to get fit. Do follow the recommendations.


  • How long recommended exercise does one do to get fit depends how much you can spend your time. What you should remember is that if you do 10, 15 or 30 minutes of exercise a day or few times a week, then nothing is lost. Account any exercise, physical activity you do is beneficial to your body. That should be your number one motivation. And when you do spare enough time to do exercise, then you must not feel guilty, but rather continue to encourage yourself.


  • It is true that at first, especially the first week, you felt very tired. Fatigue must override your will-power. In such situation, alternate routine quickly as it will help you restore your energy. For example, you will face aches between 24 and 48 hours after exercise, but when you do the same physical activity daily, it shall disappear soon.


  • Be motivated everyday! We must remember that our goal must be powerful enough to convince us to continue. Always keep in mind your goal which must go beyond loosing weight, be patient and do not simply evaluate according to the numbers there on the scale.


  • It is difficult to continue physical training if you are struggling with your crazy life routine, but there are many things in daily life that does not mess up all the time, which are not difficult, as a walk every day after lunch. With a baby stroller, it’s nice! So prioritize your daily activities. If anyone can play sports only on weekends, that’s fine too. Slowly, perhaps, your will learn to plan subsequent time slots, organize time and to adapt when you see the benefits it brings.
  • At the end of the day, you must keep in mind ‘the golden five’ rules to undertake and to achieve your fitness:
  1. Establish concrete goals for the short, medium and long term;
  2. Have an assessment of your physical condition by a competent specialist; Follow the prescription of the trainer for your fitness;
  3. Establish when and how long you can practice;
  4. Do not you feel guilty when you breach your workout

Start Today! Ask yourself what you do for your health today. Health, this is the most precious and we do not take care. Do not ask any further questions, go ahead!
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Guest Post by Kashif Raza. Visit to find out tips about cheap weight benches.