Replacing Timber Frame Sash Windows

There are many features of traditional properties that stand out when compared to new-builds and more recent homes. Arguably one of the most noticeable, in some instances, is the timber frame, sash windows. This type of window has been used for centuries, with various different glazing layouts, and while timber frame windows and sash windows both fell out of favour, they are becoming popular once again, as homeowners and property owners look to restore their properties back to their original best.

A sash window has a single sliding window frame. The sash section of the window is slid vertically open and closed, and it was a popular style of window as early as the 17th Century. It remained popular for two centuries, before convenience took over. The sash window is traditionally made from wood, and while they have a single large pane, they usually consist of a number of smaller panes, which are referred to as lights. It is possible to match the layout of these lights to the period of property that you have, or the style of property that you are hoping to emulate. Alternatively, you can choose the layout that you think looks best.

Even modern properties and new builds can benefit from the installation of traditional looking sash windows. The modern equivalents have double or even triple glazing, advanced security features, and they provide safety features to ensure that children, pets, and everybody else is safe when around the windows.

Before replacing your existing sash windows, it may be worth checking to ensure that this is absolutely necessary. If a wood frame has been left unattended for some years, and has fallen into a serious state of disrepair, then there may be no way of repairing it, but this isn’t always the case. One of the benefits of wooden frames is that sections can be replaced, without necessarily having to replace the whole window. A professional sash window installation company can check the condition of the windows, ensure that the glazing is of a good quality, and they can advise whether you require repairs or a replacement.

If your sash windows are especially old, then they may only have single glazing. Single glazing does not offer the energy efficiency, the noise reduction, or the heat retention that double and triple glazing can offer. However, it is possible to have secondary glazing installed. Although the second panel sits further away than it would with double glazing, secondary glazing for sash windows can greatly improve all of these factors, ensuring that you enjoy your beautiful sash windows even more.

Style and energy efficiency are important, but safety and security are also very important. While modern timber frame sash windows look a lot like their traditional counterparts, they benefit from modern manufacturing technologies and modern fittings and accessories. You can have additional safety features added, which can prove especially useful if you have small children or pets, and modern locking mechanisms and other hardware have high security ratings.

The Original Box Sash Windows Company can inspect your existing sash windows, determine whether they need repairing or replacing, and can make the required repairs, add secondary glazing, or install high quality, beautiful timber frame sash windows as required.