Rebel Wilson Weight Loss: Her Secret Revealed

Rebel Wilson weight loss has been a journey for the well known Hollywood actress from her latest movie pitch perfect where she played as “Fat Amy”. She has always been known as a chubby girl, with a lot of humor although recently she has been working on her weight and this can be seen evidently for the first time when she attended Anna Camp wedding. News has it that she has lost a total of 15 kg from April last year.

Rebel Wilson Weight Loss: Her Secret Revealed

Susan Boyle is another good example of celebrities who have lost weight, she is well known after she participated in America Got Talent show and she had an amazing voice. She lost 50 pounds which is very encouraging after weight became health issue to her.

Garcinia Camborgia Supplement: Which has ingredients that breaks down fat, reduces cravings and regulate moods to avoid eating out of emotions. It increases metabolism since it boosts on energy and gives more time for exercises.

Garcinia Cambogia: A Safe Weight Loss Supplement?

Two miles walk everyday: Walking helps to burn excess calories and increase the metabolism rate. It improves how your body react to insulin and this is very important to people that suffer from diabetic such as Susan since it lowers the blood sugar and chances to get risks of diabetes.

A sugar free diet Susan eliminated all the refined sugar in her diet including white bread, rice and flour. She stopped eating cookies and sweets, which was her daily routine after she was told her health was at risk. One can opt for fruits since the sugar is natural and have low calories. This brought significant weight loss that got everybody talking, Susan looked better in her new weight.

Rebel Wilson weight loss process was put out to the public. During break Wilson participated in a health and fitness camp in Malibu for four days where she lost four pounds, it involved vigorous training, hiking, mountain trekking, planks, leg raises, weight training and yoga. The participants in the camp are served with healthy diets like vegetable to help in weight loss and after the exercise they have sessions of massage therapies to ease their muscles.

After the camp Wilson has continued with active exercises for about ten minutes a day four times a week. This helps increase your metabolism rate. These vigorous exercises have helped Wilson body to improve in burning calories for a longer time whether she is active or inactive at the moment.

She has increased fiber in her diet which is more important in the body, she consumes a lot of fiber in a day which makes her feel complete. Her health and fitness instructor makes sure that she consumes about 35 grams or more of fiber a day and reduces calories intake. Her fiber diet includes oat meals, fruits, cereals and grains. Rebel Wilson weight loss process is a good example for women who majorly want to live healthy and feel good about themselves after weight loss. She has not been afraid to come out and tell the world that she would love to be slim and live a healthy life because loving yourself begins by taking care of yourself first. Every process starts with the first step starts yours today either exercise, diet or supplement but make sure you start the journey do not allow yourself to be stagnant with weight issues it can be done.