Project Proposals: Tips, Tricks, Dos and Don’ts

Project proposals can be a tricky thing if you haven’t done a lot of them before. And even if you have experience with one particular kind, when it comes to a different sort of event or need, the best-practice rules can change quite quickly.

Project Proposals: Tips, Tricks, Dos and Don'ts

So if you want to make sure that all of your proposals are going to move efficiently toward your desired end goal, make it a point to understand security proposals, business proposals, and collaboration proposals, and learn how to have support for your idea with resumes, credential links, and any sort of project management software that has your main analytical tools.

Security Proposals

Giving security proposals specifically is sort of a unique job, because safety is on the line. This could be personal safety, or financial safety, but the idea that somehow you can make a person’s business or home more secure is extremely powerful. Everyone wants to feel safe, and having the right security in place is, by definition, the way to do this. So your proposal must be direct, offer hard evidence, be compelling, and also be within the possible budget of the potential client.

Business Proposals

As far as business proposals go, there may have to be a lot more behind that type of project. Typically, you’ll first have to create a business plan, and that in itself can take months, and then with the data collected there, you’ll have to present it as a case to investors, banks, or family and friends who are willing to put some capital into the idea. Well-done business proposals can be mind-blowing, whereas poorly done ones can ruin a great idea before it even gets off of the ground.

Collaboration Proposals

Collaboration proposals can run the gamut between extremely casual to extremely polished and professional. It usually depends on things like how much money is at stake, or perhaps what reputations, are on the line, but because every collaboration is going to be different, every proposal is going to be a little different as well.

Resumes and Credential Links

Whenever you’re doing any sort of proposal, if you have links to resumes or credentials, that can really back up the core of your message. If you have no sources of credit, and don’t have your skill sets organized, how are people going to believe in the veracity of your claims?

Project Management Software Support

And if you install some type of project management software to give support to your proposal, that’s a huge benefit as well. Even if the software is simply giving a framework to how you would communicate or organize your data, this will show the people you are proposing to that you mean business.

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