The technology industry is moving at a much faster pace than it has ever been, with so many new inventions and developments in the past few years or even months alone. There are always new trends to be followed in the world of programming, and while not each and every one of them will be realized in the future, these trends can greatly help in predicting the uncertainties of the future of the technology and software market. Here are a few of these programming predictions in the future for you to take note of!

  1. The rise of the mobile age. Smartphone adaptation has been steadily on the rise in the past few years, and this trend will only continue in the future with no sign of ceasing or stopping anytime soon. This tiny little device has revolutionized many parts of our lives, and with every passing year we see more and more usabilities added into modern smartphones. This also means that programming geared to mobile devices will become more and more prominent in the near future, as people are using their smartphones for far more than simply communicating through telephone, text, or chat or browsing the internet through a mobile browser. There are now applications to track your sleeping pattern or even record your dreams, there are applications with which you can control your smart household appliances remotely, and many others.
  2. Automated transcoding of JavaScript. JavaScript is one of the most popular programming language to ever exist, and this particular language will continue its domination in the future. However, the task of transcoding a JavaScript programming language into one that is usable and understandable by node.js or the browser will no longer require a human input, as there are more and more scripts that help programmers save their time and energy by transcoding a programming language of their choice into JavaScript. There are many different variations of this transcoder script capable of transcoding many major programming languages from Java to Cobol so that you can be at ease and code in your favorite language and let it be translated automatically by said scripts.
  3. Domination of better databases. While it is true that search engines are the ones tasked to index the web, even now, more and more databases are capable of indexing the world itself. This is largely attributed to the fact that quite a lot of next-generation apps require location awareness, and that is not counting the existence and continuous development of autonomous cars by some of the biggest names in the technology world, including Google and Tesla. This has resulted in the rise of the trend of programming databases to make it capable of processing high level of details in order to assist all the future technologies relying on it. And technologies are not the ones relying on smarter, better databases–the data can also be used by government organizations and private sectors for their own different purposes, although whether this is a positive or negative impact is up to discussion.