Parts manufacturing Precision – An Experience


Precision engineering is sub division of electrical, mechanical, software, electronics and optical engineering. Precision machining manufactures every- day objects we use in large quantities. Many precision manufacturing companies put forward a various varieties like turning, milling, fabrication, painting, welding, assembly and all required repair equipments. These companies manufacture very small parts to large parts.

Some companies manufacture high precision parts for materials like steel, brass and aluminum. The parts include basic nuts to tough precision parts. Precision manufacturing for parts provides parts for machining, jewelry, ceramics, parts manufacturing, clock and wrist watch repair parts and so on.

Precision parts manufacturing companies can do number of jewelry crests and produce logos of different companies on various objects like steel, plastic, rubber etc. According to the choice of individual, crest is cut and then chosen material is inlaid in to it.

Exotics are termed as very difficult machining characteristics, since they are less productive. Very few companies manufacture exotic polymers used in medical field which are usually bio compatible. Radel, Peek and Carbon Reinforced Peek are termed as high exotics. Since, the plastics withstand to high temperature and stiffness when compared with other polymers and conventional plastics. But, very difficult part is cutting and shaping and this process require unique techniques like solid diamond tooling or poly crystalline diamond or PCD. This process includes cutting of exotic stainless steel.

Both new and required old parts are re made by precision manufacturing of parts. Many of precision manufacturers follow Computer Numeric Controlled or CNC’s to produce precision parts using lathe and 4 axis mills. In these machines, an option by name ‘micro’ is available and selecting this can be very easy to manufacture custom gears for watches, cameras, model trains, clocks, cars and various varieties of unavailable objects. Cut gears and pinions are also customized by this process.

Precision part manufacturing companies manufactures very unique, rare and out of date parts which are very much needed in old wrist watches and few clocks. Few of these precision manufacturing companies even services and repairs clocks and watches. Micro precision manufactures small precision prototypes in the field of medicine, jewelry manufacturing, vision and eye wear, clock designing, watch manufacturing and modeling. Precision manufacturing companies are able to produce very small precision working prototypes in large range of precision materials like ceramics, polymers, stainless steels and metals.

Precision manufacturing for parts has the experience with agility and completely identify with accuracy repairing all types of clocks and watches. During watch servicing, precision manufacturers receive expert care on parts namely- remakes of clock wheels and complete barrels, steel pinions, precision retrofits for new ornaments, pocket watches pinions and barrels and wheels.

Few people sell their expensive watches after getting serviced from precision parts manufacturers. Once after service, watches are ready for re sale and servicing come with 2 years of warranty.

Precision part manufacturing includes repairs of space clocks. The clock is set in such a way that accurate track of sun and moon positions. Sometimes gears split by stopping the working of space clock.

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