Overcoming the Big Data Deluge

With zettabytes of data building up, it’s time companies come up with a strategy to handle the big data deluge. If no action is taken, big data is just bad data. It obstructs a system’s efficiency, taking up space that could be used to store relevant data. However, this big data can’t be ignored – anymore.
Ignoring big data’s applicability translates into ignoring valuable customer data, and is incredibly risky. Instead of losing these revenue opportunities, big data should be utilized and mapped to marketing strategies. Platforms like Hadoop enable companies to mine big data and glean customer information and insights that would be otherwise virtually impossible to obtain.
Combining all of this data provides a big data engine that can lead to increased effectiveness in segmentation and campaign strategy. Implementing Hadoop strategies can lead to more efficient business models, increased competitiveness, and ultimately, increased revenues.