ObjectRocket Acquired by Rackspace: What it Means for the DBaaS Market

For all intents and purposes, Rackspace is the de facto proponent for all things open cloud. They further cemented this fact by acquiring ObjectRocket, a MongoDB-powered Database as a Service (DBaaS) platform that essentially makes NoSQL web development MongoDB_Logo significantly easier and more simplified. While some are reducing the acquisition to a next-step of sorts in Rackspace’s efforts to take on Amazon Web Services (S3), the reality is something a little less newsworthy. They’re really just ramping up their cloud-based NoSQL offerings. For instance, ObjectRocket comes on the heels of Rackspace’s introduction of their NoSQL cloud, a DBaaS service for the enterprise. In short, ObjectRocket simply compliments what Rackspace already has in place.
What is ObjectRocket, exactly?
As with many cloud storage startups, ObjectRocket exists to solve a problem – to solve the database problem presented in the cloud. The DBaaS founders who started the service address the database problem that can be traced back to how the cloud was architected from the very beginning. In short, ObjectRocket makes it possible for cloud developers to use MongoDB seamlessly with their cloud applications. If you hit their website, the benefits of the DBaaS are virtually endless. They range from scalability to powerful architecture to ease of use. If you’ve been following Rackspace for any length of time you’ll likely realize that this is a match made in heaven.
The ObjectRocket Acquisition: Marrying DBaas & Big Data in 2013
According to Rackspace’s Lew Moorman, ObjectRocket is simply another tool in the open cloud toolkit. ObjectRocket is lightning fast – somewhere to the tune of 10-times faster than its competitors in the DBaaS space. As companies look to build Big Data applications with Rackspace’s DBaaS services, it’s important to understand two major components behind the ObjectRocket acquisition that lead to why MongoDB is so crucial to application development.

  1. MongoDB and Open Cloud Computing work well together – It’s not a huge secret that the world relies on open source technology to develop tomorrow’s powerful cloud applications. MongoDB is perhaps the best facilitator to achieve the best results from today’s smartest application developers. ObjectRocket showed up just in time as Rackspace continues to push the growth of the MongoDB community.


  1. MongoDB + Rackspace Support = A powerful DBaaS Solution – If you’re involved in the open cloud in any way and have not heard of Rackspace’s fanatical support then you’re not paying attention. MongoDB is the perfect avenue for Rackspace to deliver on their promise of insanely personal support. In fact, there were several DBaaS offerings that they could have potentially chosen from, but they chose ObjectRocket to push their already existing campaign to expand the MongoDB community as much as possible.

MongoDB is becoming the go-to solution for NoSQL Applications
MongoDB is becoming the de facto solution for NoSQL-based development. Why? Largely because developers are increasingly looking to trim the fat in the development, testing, debugging and deployment processes. MongoDB is easy to use, set up and implement into already existing development cycles.