JJRC H26WH Review: A Best Recording Unit Traveling The Sky

When looking to buy a JJRC H26WH RC Quadcopter there are several aspects and concerns that one must have in their mind. There is always the controversy as to whether one can buy a RC Quadcopter that’s prepared for traveling with JJRC H26WH or develop their own. Many people who have taken up antenna watching as an interest will provide advice on building one since it’s a cheaper choice and one has the certainty that the efficiency will be exactly how they want it. Purchasing a JJRC H26WH RC Quadcopter is helpful since they work much quicker including areas are easily exchangeable. This article though will concentrate on the purchasing choice.

Before purchasing, one must be sure what the reason is whether it’s for traveling or shooting. Ready To Fly RC Quadcopter shortened as RTF come having everything that is required to fly from transmitters to battery power. They are more recommended due to the less stress they provide the consumer. A JJRC H26WH RC Quadcopter should have a reasonably long battery power to be able to last through antenna photos and to provide longer flight tickets thus more video. Getting a relatively costly design doesn’t always mean better value for money. There are cheaper designs that get the best of some really costly ones. The essential thing is to look for functions that fall within a fair cost range. Choice should be mostly affected by cost and the options that will fit one’s need.

JJRC H26WH Review: A Best Recording Unit Traveling The Sky


One 30 days ago, I made the purchase RC Quadcopter FPV, known as JJRC H26WH in the interest of outside photography. After using for quite a while, I have to say this product is great, providing me a lot of extremely hard capturing experience.


As a RC Quadcopter, it is of course developed into a traveling method. Curvilinear form along with dark colored ensure it is look so awesome.

FPV Size

You know, the assurance of crystal clear picture is the requirement as being a digital camera. So the FPV is presented with 2.0MP HD digital camera. By connecting to WIFI between JJRC H26WH and your phone, you can get real-time transmitting, which can catch images and history movie clips for your great storage. Additionally, it has 6-axis gyro which can have more constant traveling to ensure it clip can be sleek.


Speaking of its settings, due to the 4 route, it can do rise, come down, ahead, in reverse, remaining sideward fly, right sideward fly and moving 360°. Thanks to it, I can history the topic extensive on every side.

JJRC made the latest and most affordable WIFI Linked “Phantom scaled drone” out there. Just $76 and you can fly with a first person view digital camera. History video clips and click images from within the Free HM-UFO App. iOS or Android. Helps you to save movie and images right to your cellphone. No SD cards required.


  • Joins to Android or iPhone like you would link to home Wi-Fi. No security password required. Start & Stop movie in App.
  • Save video clips and images straight to your cellphone. No SD cards required.
  • Elevation Hold technology using the “self-centering” accelerator keep.
  • WIFI connected for real-time movie feed
  • Information movie and photos
  • One key return
  • 360 Flips
  • LED Lights
  • Brace guards
  • Cheap price for a DJI Phantom scaled drone
  • CF Mode
  • Flexible digital camera from remote
  • 3 rate modes