Improving Magento Performance by Migrating to the Cloud

As a content management system, Magento is renowned for being an extremely robust and all-encompassing ecommerce platform. However, it can be performance intensive, needing a great deal of processor power to query complex databases and process information without harming the end user experience.
To achieve increasingly important ecommerce flexibility, resilience and performance optimisation, it makes sense to look at migrating your Magento site (or any ecommerce site) to the cloud.
Expanding Your Online Presence 
By choosing to migrate to a hosted cloud solution, your website instantly becomes a scalable asset that requires negligible internal micro-management. By leaving maintenance and performance optimisation to dedicated experts you free yourself to do what you do best, run your business!
Improving Magento Performance by Migrating to the Cloud
Leave resource intensive tasks, such as maintaining the site, with professionals who do it every day and can dedicate resources to your unique ecommerce needs, on spec. A hosting provider is much better placed to monitor and alleviate speed issues before they impact users, make services available on demand, and load balance processes as priorities dictate.
As your online store becomes more popular, a Magento cloud hosting service becomes even more powerful – expanding database capabilities, handling greater numbers of visitors to your website and scaling service models as the site expands – all without wholesale changes that can harm ease of use and performance.
Dedicated Server Hosting 
The benefits of a Magento hosted website can only truly be achieved with dedicated server hosting that provides anytime, anywhere access. As mentioned previously this is best managed as an ongoing concern by a dedicated hosting provider.
Migrating an ecommerce site to a cloud server infrastructure streamlines web portal performance, network monitoring and support. It has robust data warehousing capabilities to handle complex queries without compromising usability too.
Dedicated cloud hosting prioritises resources, optimising ecommerce performance and database integrity, to make your shopping experience both quick and easy throughout the entire process.
Front-End Performance Optimisation 
As a result of having a dedicated ecommerce platform, cloud hosting environments are much better equipped to troubleshoot potential bottlenecks, usability and accessibility that keeps the external facing elements of a website running smoothly. Here, minimising service interruptions is crucial to prevent loss of earnings.
Optimising an ecommerce website in the cloud means creating a seamless shopping experience for customers, and workflow experience for staff. With dedicated 3rd party service management, you can achieve near 100% online availability of your site and faster load times than your competitors. This translates into happy customers, partners and staff, optimised productivity and greater sales opportunities for you.
Maximum Online Impact 
Migrating your ecommerce website to a Magento web hosting service provider has three primary benefits. Dedicated resourcing, performance optimisation and expansion capabilities. For these reasons alone, every size and structure of company should use cloud based ecommerce as a stable, scalable and ever optimised fulcrum of their business. Such is the competitive nature of online business today it can…
1. Maximise ROI and reduce TCO.
2. Handle increasingly sophisticated streams of data.
3. Minimise downtime and service interruptions.
4. Quickly scale up or down product and service delivery.
5. Present the fastest, most reliable shopping experience.
The only way to achieve all this with Magento is by migrating to a cloud service provider that has the dedicated infrastructure, resources and expertise to manage such a performance intensive CMS (Content Management System.) Making the move will make your ecommerce site quicker and more intuitive than others, giving greater peace of mind that your customer experience is best in class and delivers a reputation to match.