Ideas For Your Kitchen Furniture

The kitchen is one of the main spaces of the house, it is where you prepare, maintain and taste food. For this reason, the design of the furniture is vital for maximum functionality and comfort here.

In the choice of kitchen furniture selection is important in light colors to give a feeling of spaciousness, luminosity, and they combine well with almost all materials of furniture and kitchen.

The minimalist furniture allows better use of space and easy cleaning.

One of the most used in the design of kitchen furniture materials is wood, in dark or light colors, the texture of the wood always gives a cozy feeling to a room.

Wood can be used for both kitchen furniture and decoration, for coating surfaces like floors or walls.

At the same time, wood is a versatile option, since it can be used on any surface in a natural finish, varnished, polished and even painted in the color that pleases us.

Stainless steel is another material that fits perfectly with the aesthetics of a modern kitchen designs and is widely used in devices and appliances, as well as countertops or shelves.

A Material for Every Need

Various kitchen furniture are important to achieve comfortable and pleasant functional environments that facilitate the tasks to be performed.

One of the most important design elements are the kitchen countertops, whose main requirement is resistance, functionality and aesthetics, it is the area where food is prepared.

Countertops currently manufactured in different materials such as granite, marble, steel, glass, and wood.

In the kitchen design it is important that the tops do not have corners, and left a gap to place multiple contacts for appliances.

The marble and wood are traditional, very tough and costly, are aesthetically the most beautiful.

Other Suggestions for Furniture

The cupboards are of great importance to sort the objects. To optimize capacity, we can choose the height of the interior shelves. There is something for every use, bottle, food, dishes and so on.

It is advisable to choose furniture that reach to the ceiling, to avoid placing on top of the cupboards all objects of little use. Normally there in all sizes or can be ordered to size.

If you have free space on the exhaust hood, we can use it to implement some shelves on top. You can also place a metal grid to use as a shelf.

While maintaining the necessary free space around the refrigerator, we can go around creating an integrated cabinet that allows us to take advantage until the last centimeter whole.

The well integrated devices give a sense of order and amplitude. Furniture with glass doors is useful for protecting the objects of grease and dust, but keeping in sight.

Merge Aesthetics with Practicality

Kitchen design aesthetic forms must merge with practicality and functionality. So we must take into account the needs to be met when designing it.

The Cuisine depends on how we use it, if we need a cupboard to store food for the month, or if instead, buy slowly, if cooked in a hurry, or for a complete family.

There are certain elements that will be present in every kitchen, preparation areas, cleaning and cooking, they are always in the kitchen, what varies is how to articulate them. It is preferable that heuristics us the least movement to perform tasks.

Natural lighting should be utilized to the maximum, then post the work triangle as close to the natural source of light, it is very important to appreciate food in its natural coloring, and artificial light is often I distort.

The color of the walls is important to give luminosity and spaciousness. We can use racks for pots and buckets, so as to keep on hand and make room in the cupboards.