How to Properly Get Autographs from Celebrities?

Collecting autographed autographs can be really exciting and this could become a hobby for many people. In this case, there are different methods that we can choose when we plan to get autographed photos from famous celebrities. The most common way is to send out letters to celebrities and we could hope that we would get autographed photos. Another way to get autographed photos is by going to conventions. This is a better way to get autographed photos, because we see with our own eyes that the celebrity is signing the photos. When we send photos through mail, it is possible that the assistants and other helpers sign our photos instead. In order to increase the authenticity of the signed photograph, we could take picture next to the  celebrity while holding the photograph. By going to conventions, we could also spend our time in a better way. We would be able to interact with our favorite celebrity. However, when we meet them, we should be respectful.


Celebrities are also normal people, we shouldn’t do anything that could make them feel uncomfortable or embarrass them. As an example, we shouldn’t scream or behave inappropriately when the celebrity is within sight. It may be a struggle to restrain our emotion, but the celebrity could act more respectful towards us, if we behave respectfully. Things should be kept as pleasant as possible. When writing to these celebrities, we should also offer our well-wishes and genuine admiration of their overall talents. It is important to avoid doing things outrageously only to impress them or get their attention. If celebrities feel embarrassed, they will avoid us and this could be heart-breaking for many fans.

Celebrities want to make their fans happier and we should respect their genuine intention. This should go hand in hand with trying to make celebrities happy themselves. We see many people who make various outlandish stunts to grab the attention of other celebrities. Often, we would end up only attracting negative responses from these people. We should respect celebrities and even if they are very rich and make millions each year, we shouldn’t expect that they will automatically pay for the postage to reply our mail. If possible, we should also include a picture of the celebrity, because there’s no guarantee that the celebrity has any picture in stock. Empty envelope with written address and stamps should be included. This will greatly increase our chance of getting our photos returned, along with the genuine photographs. We may also send memorabilia that can be signed, but it shouldn’t be too bulky that the staff finds it harder to send back to us.

Getting photos from celebrities shouldn’t be difficult, if we don’t make it hard for celebrities to do the same. We should be polite enough that we don’t act as if these celebrities are owing something from us. Making demands are both preposterous and rude, so we shouldn’t do that. We should try to be respectful, patient and polite.

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