How To Properly Furnish Our Rooms?

Furniture positioning is essential in any interior design and we generally want our furniture to be properly in flow with the rest of the room. As an example, we don’t want a cabinet or table divide the room or block the traffic. Cabinets usually work best when they are positioned against the wall. A good room should have an effective open area. Homeowner should understand the proper way to furnish their room.

  • Bedrooms: Bedrooms can be really challenging to furnish. Beds can be large and cumbersome to handle. In addition, these beds may require more than one people to move. In general, beds should be placed at the center with its head against the wall. We shouldn’t place the head against the window, unless it allows us to get warm sunlight on the bed in the morning. As always, we could place nightstands on either side of our bed. Their purpose is to allow us to put things before we go to sleep. So, it is logical to position nightstands within our arm’s reach while we are on the bed. Dressers should be positioned against the wall and not against the window.
  • Dining room: It should be relatively easy to handle dining room. It is an area where meals are eaten each day or during special occasions. However, the type of furnishing could be different when the dining room isn’t used on a daily basis. We could place hutches against a solid wall, while corner hutches should fit nicely into the corner.
  • Living and family room: These rooms can be rather tricky to handle, because they are where most actions take place. Living and family rooms should be designed for the entire family, where each member can feel comfortable. It is often the place where TV and all other entertainments are placed. Some families prefer to have large-screen TV sets and a complete set of home entertainment system. Due to their immense size, we should consider how to position them properly. When we plan to install a wall-mounted TV, we should consider to hard-wire it directly with electrical system, so there are less visible cables. If we have a surround sound system, small speakers may also be needed at specific locations of the room, depending on the acoustic characteristics of our living room.
  • Home office: This should be easy to furnish, because it is typically consisted of regular or computer desk. There could also be file cabinets, bookcases, shelves and a few seats. In general, the main desk should be the central part of any home office. To save space, we could use laptops, instead of normal desktop computer. So, the computer desk could also serve as the main desk where we can handle documents and write notes. If we don’t expect to receive guests or clients in our home office, the main desk can be placed against the wall, preferably against the window to let us look outside the home frequently.

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