How To Maintain Your Garage Door So It Keeps Serving You Reliably

Modern garage doors are very reliable and not as heavy as older ones. They are even safer than the older ones because of newer electronic security mechanisms. However, they are still heavy pieces of equipment and are a moving part. This means they will occasionally run into trouble. Here are some ways to maintain your garage doors in good condition.

Keeping the Tracks Clean

The most common cause for improper operation of garage doors after a few months is not the electronic equipment, but the tracks. With time, dust, small stones and other objects get stuck in the tracks. They won’t disappear on their own with the wind. To make sure the door keeps opening smoothly:

  • Make sure that the tracks don’t have any small or large objects blocking the way
  • See to it that there are no dents, big or small, on the tracks, as they can hinder door movement
  • If you see small dents, a simple rubber hammer will fix them just fine

However, if the dents are bigger because something rammed into the tracks, it is better to call in a professional technician to fix it. Trying to repair it yourself may alter the shape of the tracks even further.

Track Alignment

It may be that with time, the tracks of your garage door will cease to be properly aligned. This can happen because they are raised slightly above floor level so your car bends them slightly every time. If the alignment is not too far off, you can fix this yourself.

  • Loosen the mounting bracket with the right sized screw driver
  • Gently tap the tracks with your palms until the tracks sit flush with each other
  • If that does not work, try using a rubber hammer for more force, but never a metal hammer
  • Now close the garage door and see if the door comes down perfectly into the tracks

If the alignment is too far off, again call a technician from a reliable service to fix it for you.


Since the garage door has very heavy moving parts, they need to be lubricated regularly. You can do this about once in 2 months or more. Regular machine oil works just fine. However, if you want even better results, then you could try lubricant sprays, which are made specifically for garage doors. Powdered graphite also works well for the tracks, as they will keep the surfaces smooth for better operation.

While you are at it, also check if all the nuts and bolts are tight. If you want a professional service to help you out with the garage door, contact us today. We will send in a licensed professional to take a look at it. Whether it is routine maintenance or a big or small repair, we provide clean and affordable servicing that will keep your garage door working like a charm for years.