How To Keep Your House Clean If Your Roomie Is A Cat

Owning a cat is a wonderful thing, anyone who has ever experienced it will vouch for that. They are intelligent animals, fun to spend time with and full of surprises. Before you notice, a cat will become a rightful member of the family, with mutual consent, and your habits and activities will be intertwined on several levels. All of this includes taking care of your cat and taking care of the house with the cat in it full time. One of the most important areas certainly is keeping the house clean under new circumstances. Here is how to do it best.

How To Keep Your House Clean If Your Roomie Is A Cat

Get Out of the Hairy Situation

Cat’s hair surely is one of the biggest maintenance issues. Cats are curious beings and tend to explore every single corner of the household. Furthermore, they can be found sleeping in the most impossible places. What this means is that no area of your home is hair safe. Shedding is a perfectly normal process for cats and there is nothing that can be done about it, but minimize its effect. The best way to do this is to regularly groom your cat outside and vacuum all the areas of the house more often, especially at times when they shed the most.

How To Keep Your House Clean If Your Roomie Is A Cat

Equip Sleeping Place(s)

As it was said before, cats may be found sleeping everywhere in the house. However, they do have their favorite spots, places where they are most often found. Identifying them and covering them with quilts or small blankets will make your hairy battles more winnable since the majority of shedded hairs remain on them, making your cleaning more convenient. No need to worry if you do not have anything suitable at hand, you can always visit a pet store for appropriate supplies. Also, do not forget to occasionally machine wash the blankets and quilts. That way you will remove the hair stuck in the fabric and it will smell fresher, as well.

How To Keep Your House Clean If Your Roomie Is A Cat

Bathroom Habits

Just like humans, cats prefer to go to the bathroom inside. Providing them with their own litter box is the usual and most practical solution. However, if you plan to keep your house clean and odor free, regular litter box cleaning is a must. It is advisable to scoop the box at least twice a day. Naturally, doing it more often would not be harmful in any way. Remember, a litter box cannot be too clean. Every time you scoop it, vacuum or clean around it as well, to prevent litter from spreading around the house. Finally, change it completely at least every 10 days.

How To Keep Your House Clean If Your Roomie Is A Cat

Dusting and Floor Mopping

Dusting and floor mopping come shoulder to shoulder with vacuuming, that is, all the areas that the cat(s) get in touch with need to be frequently cleaned. When dusting or floor mopping make sure you use ammonia free products. The reason for this is that cat’s urine smells like ammonia and once your pet smells it that may be urge it to urinate on that spot in order to mark the territory. Extra advice, if you wish to prevent your cat to walk on any particular surface, since they have a tendency to go everywhere, clean that surface with a  mixture of lemon juice and vinegar, it will effectively repel it.

Keeping a house clean with a cat as a roomie is not an impossible mission, although it does seem so on frequent occasions. Regular cleaning just needs to be more frequent and particular attention paid to problematic spots and areas. Identifying them and being meticulous when cleaning them will do the trick.

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