How To Keep Your Dorm Room Clean And Tidy?

When you move into a college dorm, you no longer have someone telling you when and how to clean your room. However, if you’re at a private school, you probably have room checks once in a while to ensure that your room isn’t totally trashed. Even if you’re at a public school, though, it’s best to keep your room at least a little bit clean. No one wants to live in a pig sty, and you’ll be more comfortable in your room if it isn’t a complete disaster.

Don’t worry, though. Keeping your room clean is actually not that hard to do.

This article will give you guidance on how to keep your dorm room clean and tidy, these tips will help you keep everything in its place, which is even more important when you’re sharing a small amount of space with another person.

Use baskets and boxes.

Things that trap clutter are good for just about everything. Keep a basket for pens and a basket for your makeup. Use a basket for dirty clothes under the bed and a box for random kitchen utensils by the microwave. Unless something is out on a shelf or open surface because you like how it looks, it’s probably better off being in a box or basket.

The great part is that if you’re super-organized, you can keep your baskets organized, too. If you are not so worried about tidiness, you can just have general baskets to toss stuff in so that things at least look picked up.

Keep important things organized.

Okay, so not everyone likes to be organized, but everyone has to be at least a little organized with some things. Your course syllabi and paperwork is one thing that you should be able to keep track of. Whether you need a portable expandable file or an actual file box, keeping all of these papers in order is vital.

Do laundry once a week.

Doing laundry isn’t the most fun thing you’ll do in college, but it’s better if you do it a little at a time. Waiting until you have no more clean underwear to do your laundry just means that you’re going to end up spending hours in the laundry room waiting for all seven loads to wash and dry. Plus, you’ll end up with dirty clothes all over the floor when your clothes basket overflows.

Do two loads once a week, recommends answers for students service, and spend a couple of hours reading for a class while you wait for your laundry to get done.

Put your laundry away.

Okay, this is another annoying task, but it seriously doesn’t take that long. Fold up your clothes when they come out of the dryer, and take five minutes to put them away. Otherwise you end up with clothes all over the floor, which means that you have to actually smell your clothes for freshness before you put them on each morning. Seriously, there’s just something wrong with that.

Do the actual cleaning on a rotating schedule.

Picking up your room should be something that you do a little bit of every day. You can clean like that, too. Tackle the toilet one day, and run a dusting cloth over your shelves the next. If you prefer to do it all at once, set up a schedule with your roommate so that you each take a cleaning day every other week or so.

This article was prepared by StudyFAQ Community.