How To Choose The Best Cell Phone Spyware

Cell phone spyware are among the most popular apps for smart phones these days.  But before you rush out and pay for something that won’t collect the information you need, it is important to first do a little homework.  Because when it comes to selecting the best cell phone spyware, the specific surveillance features are everything.  So to truly monitor all phone activity, you need to use advanced cell phone software suites like Windows or iPhone Spy that include these core surveillance tools:

  • Video, Text, IM, and Picture Log: People use their smart phones for just about everything these days so you want cell phone spyware that can monitor and record texts, videos, pictures, and IM’s.
  • Web History: Want to see where someone surfs on the Internet with their iPhone?  Then be sure to secretly download an iPhone spy app to their phone that tracks web browsing history and you’ll be able to see every single website they visit.
  • Real Time Location Tracking: Ideally, you want to monitor loved ones with cell phone spyware that shows you not only where someone is right now—but also where they have been in the past.  So be sure to look for advanced tracking tools like Android or iPhone Spy that include both Real Time Tracking and Location History.
  • Spy Mode: Cutting edge spyware like Android or Iphone Spy now includes a Spy Mode that allows you to secretly activate the microphone and listen live to the smart phone’s surrounding.  You can use this cell phone spyware app to listen to conversations and the background of the monitored cell phone without the user ever knowing.
  • Reverse Phone Look-Up: Ever wonder who all of those “Unknown Numbers” are on your loved one’s Android or iPhone?  New cell phone spyware includes a Reverse Phone Look-Up feature that can identify who is truly calling all the time—even when caller ID doesn’t!
  • Call Recording and Contact Details: To know who your loved one is talking to and what they are saying, be sure you look for advanced surveillance applications like Nokia or iPhone Spy that include both Call Recording and Contact Details features.
  • Phone Wipe: To protect yourself from identity theft, install cell phone spyware on your own phone that includes a Phone Wipe feature.  With this, you can remotely delete all critical information if the smart phone is stolen.

Whatever you do, never settle for any cell phone spyware that only has a couple of poorly developed features.  Ideally, you want state-of-the-art cell phone monitoring applications like Windows or Iphone Spy that include most, if not all, of the advanced surveillance features listed above.
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