How To Buy Property In Thailand

Wanting to purchase an apartment however not certain as to how this is done. Well here you would find the elementary breakdown of what requirements to be done and how to purchase apartment or any real estate in Thailand.

How To Buy Property In Thailand

Select a Property Agent

Since you would be looking for property in a foreign country you requisite expert local assistance. The agent like FazWaz knows how to converse in Thai and they’re acquainted with the geographical region. The agent will save you valued time in choosing and showing you the property in your value range that meets your requirements.

Purchasing straight from the developer is not going to save you cash as compared to purchasing it from an agent. An excellence property for sale in Thailand is usually offered at a fixed value by the Seller. The best profit of using a possessions agent like FazWaz is that they would act as a liaison among you and the Seller. They will get a fair price for you as well as act on your behalf to represent your greatest interests through the entire process.

Legal Planning

Recall that you are spending portion of your life savings to get this property as well as you must cautiously plan your phases in the procedure. You need to distinguish the correct legal procedure in Thailand for the foreigner to obtain property. Beforehand you sign any deposit agreement otherwise contract, you must sit down with a attorney or solicitor to discuss the lawful process.

Title Investigation

A complete examination of title deed recorded on the Land Department must be done. You need to confirm that the Seller has clear as well as legal title of the land beforehand you enter into a contractual agreement.

The title search would trace the land to its first ownership. It will disclose any registered interests on the land for example mortgage or liens. This study will moreover verify the right to access toward your property; the housing zoning, environmental as well as planning codes applicable in the area it is a good idea to make certain that you can construct a structure on the land.


When you feel pleased with the property, you would be asked to make a deposit to show your decent faith to continue the procedure.

Review Of Agreements

The Seller will have the agreements prepared for you. Since the Seller would write the contracts, it is extremely recommended that you have a attorney or solicitor assessment the terms and conditions. You will want defense for your interests must there be a delay in the property being constructed.

The contract would contain a clause for penalty if you are late by your payment. This should be fair and sensible to both parties must the Seller default.

Your payment schedule as well as its ration should be reasonable plus practical. Usually, a first payment is 25 percent. Afterward payments are made on an advanced basis: 25 percent when the rooftop is on, 25 percent while the door and windows are safe; and 25 percent when the fixtures plus fittings are accomplished for instance.