How Likely Are You To Become An Addict?

Addiction still comes with so much stigma, even with all of the studies and articles showing that it is a mental illness. But, then again, many mental illnesses come with a lot of stigma as well. Within that confusion, some people wonder if maybe people are simply born to be addicts, or predisposed to become one.

While there may be contributing factors in the world to make a newborn baby turn into an addict when they reach teens or adulthood, there is nothing that says they have to. While no one is actually born to be an addict, for some it’s easier to become addicted than others.

Addiction And Family

While children of addicts can become addicts, and may even be more likely than children of non-addicts to become addicted to something, not all children of addicts have to, or will, become addicts. Even children of smokers are twice as likely, according to some studies, to be smokers, so there is always a chance. However, it’s not about genetics.


It’s more about growing up around it and learning the wrong things about drugs. Your parents survived heroin addiction, and seemed to live fun lives while on it, so why wouldn’t you, right? However, drug addiction definitely isn’t a luxurious lifestyle, even if some movies and some real life scenarios may make it seem that way.

Addiction And Environment

One big contributing factor in drug and alcohol addiction is the environment you live in. Well, this is even true for food addictions, and other addictions that are talked about a bit less. It’s easy to get unhealthy foods, and if you are in an environment where you aren’t learning healthy eating, and you feel the need to eat your feelings, you’re going to.

Children that hang out with addicts have a good chance of becoming addicts. Homeless people on the street have a high chance of becoming addicts or alcoholics. Why? Because the opportunity presents itself and sometimes it’s hard to say no.

Addiction And Mental Health

Most of the time, addiction has an underlying cause. People often use drugs and alcohol, and even food and sex, to curb other mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety. This also leads, commonly, to the abuse of prescription medications as well.

When it comes to curing addiction, it is that dual diagnosis of a mental disease that can be the real answer to recovery. If someone goes through the motions of recovery to kick their habit but doesn’t deal with the mental aspect of what led them to addiction in the first place then they have a greater risk of falling back off the wagon. Mental health evaluations on addicts are important.

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