How Information Security Auditing Helps In Avoiding Cyber-Attacks

Nowadays, cyber attacks have grown to be a grave problem for big businesses as well as small companies. These cyber attacks have prevalent in small companies, as most of the small companies have a lot more security vulnerabilities because they are easier to target. As per the latest annual Internet Security Threat Statement of Symantec, it is discovered that 31% of all cyber-attacks geared toward businesses with lower than 250 employees.

How Information Security Auditing Helps In Avoiding Cyber-Attacks

These types of cyber attacks are certainly costly for small along with large businesses in terms of the disruption of services, financial loss, and the valuable time involved solving the issue. In accordance with 2013 Small Business Technology Survey which polled 845 businesses across industries in the U.S., this is found that the average cost associated with the cyber-attack, among those targeted, was $8,699.48.

The cyber attacks not simply negatively affect an organization’s reputation but also customer self-confidence and even its overall earnings. In maximum cases, the vulnerabilities result in cyber attacks are already identified within the industry, but insufficient awareness and security auditing process leads to them being manipulated. Consequently, companies should recognize and take all the pre-emptive actions before an incident occurs.

Information security auditing is among the best security procedures that every company must think about on a regular basis. There is lots of different benefits from the information security auditing. This auditing is made to ensure that there are no loop-holes within the defence system, leaving you susceptible for various cyber attacks.

While there could be IT experts in your organization that are capable of dealing with this audit, it is advisable to take help from third parties or information security companies. These companies will employ improved security testing techniques like penetration testing services to ensure that all areas of the IT infrastructure are protected. Additionally, you will be able to get the real story as to what is happening, as an IT expert within your organization may sugar-coat a malfunction to save his own job.

The important attributes of information security auditing is to reduce the data breach. A data breach may come from anywhere like malware, remote access, web applications, and back doors to name a few. In the event of a information breach, you may reduce your customer data, financial data, or even intellectual property. Another advantage to information security auditing would be to learn about what your personnel are doing on regularly. For instance, if you have a computer or internet utilization policy, the auditing will show you whether your workers are following it or not. Some queries that can be responded to by the time the audit is finalized are:

  • Are your workers sharing their passwords with other people outside of the network?
  • Are your staff logging onto the internet outside of the intranet?
  • Are your personnel downloading applications onto their computer that they ought not to be?

Information security auditing is a necessity in almost any type of business. Every business needs to check out all facets of their information security for reassurance regarding its business and all of the information within its business.

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