How Companies Are Using Live Streaming Video To Grow?

Every day the world is increasingly becoming connected and global. According to Analytics, online videos made up to 50 percent of mobile traffic in 2015. Currently, more than 98 percent of marketers are using live video for communications. live video is one of the most cost-effective way companies are using to revolutionize their communications. Live streaming offers businesses a chance to interact with their audience in a more immediate and authentic way while at the same time boosting sales in their online stores. This explains why many leading companies have found success in using live video to extend the reach of their organizations. If you too would also like to take advantage of this useful media, here are ways on how companies are using streaming to grow.

How Companies Are Using Live Streaming Video To Grow?

Conduct Training

Traveling to all your global organizations to conduct training can be very costly and time-consuming. With live broadcast, executives can easily stay connected with even the most remote branches of their organizations. In addition, most people learn easily when the content is interesting. Live streaming makes it interesting when it comes to demonstrating things like how a product works and troubleshooting tactics. The key to useful live video training is making your sessions ongoing by scheduling them daily or weekly.

Show How You Create Your Product

HD Video streaming is a great way to give your audience a taste of how your products or services are created. Remember that your customers only see the final products or services from your company. Using live HD live streaming, you can let them experience what it takes to go from concept to product completion and increase engagement with your brand. This will also make your audience tuned to learn and become great in your niche skills.

Host Industry-Wide Conferences and interviews with Guest Speakers

Organizing a conference with leaders is a great way to demonstrate that you are a leader in your industry. However, getting everyone under one roof can be very challenging. Live broadcast helps you extend these meetings to virtual attendants regardless of the part of the world they are in. Apart from giving your viewers something to share around, people following these influencers on their native platforms will also tune in.

Give a Behind-the-Scenes Look

Showing users behind the scenes of something they don’t have access to is another great way to use live broadcast. It can be anything that is typically off-limits or presents a different point of view. To enhance this type of streaming, you can involve your viewers by asking for their opinions or comments. Showing them what you really are adds a human touch to your company making your customers appreciate you more.

Host Q&A Sessions With Your Audience

Letting your audience ask you about their areas of concerns shows people that you care about their opinions. The best way to increase engagement is select a specific topic for the Questions and answers. You should acknowledge questions that can add value to your viewers and ignore comments from abusive users. Remember to mention the name of the user asking the question.

Live streaming your product launches, meetings, and company-wide announcements is an easy and cost-effective way of keeping your customers and employees on message. With services like Freedocast platform and Freedocast Pro Device, you will easily turn your social media campaign into an ongoing conversation with your viewers as you interact with them. If you haven’t started using HD live streaming yet, now is the time to jump into the world of live video and experience growth in your business.