Great Software for Effective Time and Attendance Management

A company can only be as good as the people who comprise the workforce which in the current demanding work environment needs effective management through rostering software and other advanced technologies. If you do not want to see the bottom falling out of your organization while you are chewing your thumb and wondering what the problem might be, it is time you paid a lot more attention this three factors.

  • How healthy your workers are.
  • The level of safety and security you are able to provide.
  • But most importantly, their degree of efficiency.

Stop looking at those file cabinets because going it manually simply won’t wash. The only way you are going to make a sizeable impact on the productivity and output of your organization is to enlist the help of a workforce management solutions system.
What Can the Management System Achieve?
High productivity means profitability and profitability can only be sustained in a situation where labour costs are kept to a bare minimum. This means you need to know the composition of your workforce like the back of your hand. You need a hands-on method of determining who does what at all times. This is particularly crucial in organizations where workers operate in shifts. The management system will achieve the following for you.

  • It will enable improved quality of service delivery by instituting a desirable mix of skills that can support operational peaks
  • You can control and monitor overtimes and absences by accurately tracking what the workers do at all times. You will only pay for real hours worked and not what is claimed.
  • With the capability of giving auto skilling outcomes, a rostering task rotation will ensure that you follow fatigue management rules so that the workers can deliver high standard result in quality ways.
  • Once you are able to monitor overtimes and control absences, you will be able to improve labour utilization leading to lower administrative costs
  • For the purposes of security, the system can help you prevent entry into unauthorized areas.

Are There Other Benefits?
Indeed, the time management software has other benefits apart from improving staff schedules and labour utilization or controlling overtimes and absences intended to institute fiscal savings. The responsibilities of your workforce managers is made easier because they can now confidently use different rostering rules to get the correct mix of employee skills, availability and absences or personnel equity so that they can have the right people with the right skills able to support operational needs at all times. By providing a quantifiable and audited record of what shifts are capable of, fatigue scores can be monitored so that there is optimum placement of shifts. This can also be used to keep exposure and OHS incidents to a minimum. When workers are satisfied with the levels of protection and security they are likely to stay longer. In other words, the system will help you maximize staff retention rate. Rostering will also ensure that your organization upholds compliance with negotiated industrial agreements and reduce the chances of violating union rules. What more would you need in order to remain competitive?