Google Pixel 2 – The Fabulous Smartphone Indeed!

You might be thinking why people are considering Pixel 2 as extremely fantastic. Well, there are many reasons behind it. It remarkable features, its amazing camera, and what not…? There are countless good qualities in this Smartphone which might be release this year. Let’s find more:

Google Pixel 2

  • Price: There are rumors about the price as well, still it is not clear. So, it will be difficult to comment on the price of Google Pixel 2.
  • Storage, memory and processor: The awesome quality of Google is also reflected through Google It has amazing Google Exynos, 64 bit, octa-core processor. The internal storage can be opted between 64 GB or 32 GB. Pixel 2 will also have octa-core processor, but internal storage memory will be more in case of Google Pixel 2.
  • Size and weight: The weight of this wonderful Smartphone is 143 g and its size measures to 153.2×76.1×7.6mm.
  • Screen: Pixel 2 can have a big screen of 5.5 in screen; with Quad HD (2560×1440, 518ppi) and AMOLED technology.
  • Software: The software in Google Pixel 2 will be Android V7 (Nougat) and fabulous LTE Cat 6 connectivity. You will simply fall in love with its astonishing dual band of 802.11ac Wi-Fi. MIMO, Bluetooth 4.2, NFC, and awesome fingerprint scanner, are also present in it.
  • Battery and charger: It has an excellent 3000mAh battery. Sat charging is supported in it with the help of wired and wireless charging. The wireless charging is outstanding in supporting PMA and WPC.
  • Camera: Google has brought about blissful clicking experience with the help of 5Mp rear and 16Mp back camera and wonderful optical image stabilization in Google Pixel. Rumors are saying that Pixel 2 will be mounted with 20 Mp back cam and 10 mp front cam and it’s going to be the
  • Colours: It can be bought in the following shades:
  1. Gold Platinum
  2. White Pearl
  3. Silver Titanium
  4. Black Sapphire
  • Google Pay options: Google Pay Option is available in Pixel 2 to ensure easy payments.

Do you think that Google Pixel 2 is a fabulous Smartphone indeed, after reading this article?

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