Get Alarmed On Time

We always hear and read about the news that someone broke into someone`s house. We read, listen and ignore. We think it can’t happen with us. So don’t even comprehend the need of having a home security. Here I would highlight the need of having an ideal security system. Abundant of security systems are in row, solving divergent purposes. Security systems are available for your vehicles, houses, offices, lockers and so on. Home security systems are also being common, which come with sensors and modern technologies to recognize the disparity between the owner and an intruder. There are cc TV cameras attached to it, you can even connect it with your mobiles and laptops.

Here, I would like to tell you a real incident happened with me. I never thought of having an ideal security system at my home. It was not only a wrong decision but was a drastically wrong step. I used to live in a locality which is counted safe and sound, no burglaries, no thefts and stealing. I have a happy family of five members. My husband, my three children and me, we both are working. Once we were out for one day, children were at school like normal days. Obviously, we had no ideal security system with us. So, when we came home, we were surprised to see that whole house was a mess. All the belongings were laying like, bits of papers. We called the police, but still a long hectic process of going to insurance companies for claims and all made our life too miserable. At last, we got the claim and restarted our life. The first thing we did was having a home security system for the protection of our belongings. It was an emotional set back too. The moment we saw, toys belonged to our children were broken, and the beautiful paintings which were thrown lackadaisically were a strong blow on our wrong decision. We did not have words; we were mum and just cried till we came into our senses. Previously it was an extravagancy for us, but now we have realized that it was a prerequisite.