Frugal House Renovating

Once the summer arrives, all those hose renovating projects come to mind. Every person, frugal or not, has a lot of concerns when it comes to renovating home. This is something that needs to be done from time to time, but, on the other hand, it is something that is very pleasant and gives your home a new look. The only downside is that it usually costs way too much and really hurts the budget. However, there are some ways to do during the summer projects without draining all your savings. Here are some of the ways to do so.

Pavements and Pathways

Summer and spring are the best times to take care of these places around your home. If digging is necessary, it is important to do this in the summer because the ground will thaw. This means less effort digging and that means less hours that people work for you. If you calculate it – it gets a lot cheaper. The same goes with asphalting your driveway. In summer days, it is easier and faster to do it, so it turns cheaper in terms of working hours paid.

Used, Reused, Recycled

When it comes to furniture and your remodeling projects, you need to get a little bit creative and a whole lot of crafty. Prepare your chairs, armchairs, beds, wardrobes and even floors and get tons of sandpaper. Summer will allow you to put all those things into your garden, remove all the pain and lacquer from them and put a new color and shine on them. You can do the same with the floors. What about dark floors with white furniture this year? Also, for new pieces of furniture, check out eBay, figure out how to make them using pallets and go around garage sales.


Everything absolutely goes to waste if you don’t have proper insulation. Even the wall cavities need to be insulated, or you are risking serious damage and health hazards. Insulation is not the cheapest thing, but, luckily, it is a very eco-friendly thing to do since it conserves energy. Furthermore, this means that you should look out for loft insulation grants since a lot of companies, NGOs and even government institutions offer these to make homes more energy efficient.

Kitchen Remodeling

Summer makes perfect season for remodeling your kitchen. In order to do so on a budget, you will have to figure out how to refurbish those cabinets. The best thing about summertime kitchen remodeling is the fact that you can cook outside and enjoy your garden while the kitchen is being fixed for you. A little bit of wall paint, some interesting color patterns on the kitchen cabinets, some new drapes and a couple of handmade flower pots with spices in them are all it takes.

These are just some of the summertime projects that you can do on your own and save money because you can take your time doing it in the summer. Winter suggests that all work must be done fast while summertime gives you as much time as you like to finish up with what you need.