Flooring Tiles – Various Types Of Tiles and Their Usage

Once upon a time there was no consideration towards flooring in villages people used paved it with mud, as time passed by houses in towns and cities started using cement to pave the floor. Ever since flooring has come a long way and is also getting more and more popular in the whole world. Keeping this in mind Floor tiles exporters are exporting floor tiles to many different parts of the world. There are new and more versatile flooring options available keeping in mind the condition of the property and the location of the property.

Few of the commonly used flooring options are as below

  • Cement-If you are looking for cheap and easy to lay flooring then, the most tradition way of flooring is simply cementing it. The biggest advantage of cemented flooring is that it’s robust and one of the cheapest option.
  • Cement with marble chips-If you are looking to advance to a better level without spending too much them you can make use of different colour cement such as black cement and white cement mixed with some multi-coloured marble chips, there are different types of marble chips available which can be used along with white marble to obtain that beautiful effect.
  • Ceramic tiles-One of the most elegant looking flooring option is ceramic tiles, which come in various colures, sizes and styles. They are easy to lie down and look absolutely marvellous.
  • Stone slabs-if you are looking for heavy duty flooring then you can make sue of stone slabs, which also consist of marble tiles and marble slabs. One of the most expensive options but last a long time. Granite slabs are also in great demand if you have a liking for black shiny flooring.
  • Carpet-carpet is one of the most preferred flooring options in houses which are located in hills which experience very cold climate.
  • Carpets flooring provides a cosy effect and also adds warmth to the entire house.
  • Wooden tiles-just like ceramic tiles, wooden tiles have also come into vogue. They are not only easy to maintain and lay down but also are weather resistant. In winters the flooring gets warm and provides a cost effect and during summers the wooden floor stays cools.
  • PVC lamination-PVC lamination is best for kitchen and toilet as it does not get wet and retains its shape and quality even after getting wet. Since it is water resistant therefore it is very easy to clean and maintain.

The best thing about the various flooring options is that all of them are available both in roll and as a floor tiles. If you are looking to cover a smaller area then it is best to make use of floor tiles. There are many Floor tiles exporters who are exporting floor tiles to various parts of the world and are catering to export of various kinds of tiles. One of the most exported floor tiles are the ceramic tiles as they have many advantages over other kind of tiles.