Factors To Consider For Increasing Visibility While Planning Auditorium Seating

It is a common experience that if you are seated at one of the back rows in an auditorium, it may be difficult to get a clear vision of the stage activity. This may be due to the improper seating arrangement in the auditorium.

Auditorium seating arrangements that can increase visibility

While arranging auditorium seating, strategic placement of seats plays an important role in ensuring that the vision of the people seated in the rows at the back is not blocked by the rows situated in front.

Better visibility can be ensured by placing auditorium seats on a sloping floor. By making a sloped floor, the position of the stage is at the lowest point. The seating rows in the auditorium are hence higher than the rows, in front. This ensures better visibility of the stage to people who may be seated in the rows at the back.

In case the auditorium floor has already been constructed, it is advisable to build a part of the auditorium floor into a slope in order to ensure strategic placement of the seats.

Factors to be considered while placing seats in an auditorium

While installing auditorium chairs on a sloped floor, it is important to ascertain the extra height, which may be needed for each row. This may require evaluating the height of the chairs that are to be placed in the auditorium. Calculation of the average heights of people, who may be seated in the auditorium, can also help to calculate the height required for each row.

Another important aspect to consider while planning the seating arrangement in an auditorium is its size. The area of the auditorium can help you ascertain the exact number of rows and the number of chairs that can be placed in each row.

Knowing the dimensions of the chairs to be installed in the auditorium can also help in strategically planning the seating arrangement. The chair sizes may vary for different auditorium seating manufacturers. The accurate chair measurements can help you plan the seating arrangement in a better way.

Choosing between foldable and non foldable chairs

While planning the seating arrangement in an auditorium, it is essential to decide the type of chairs to be installed. The chairs can be the ones that fold or the ones that are fixed. Both the types of chairs have unique characteristics and associated benefits. The advantages of foldable chairs include:

  • They offer more space for moving around in the auditorium.
  • Cleaning the auditorium is easier.
  • They offer seating comfort.
  • Foldable chairs can reduce the required space between two rows.

The advantages of non foldable chairs include:

  • These chairs are free of hinges and hence do not require hinge repairs and maintenance.
  • They offer comfortable seating as they do not fold back on being seated.

The seating arrangement of an auditorium can be strategically planned by choosing the appropriate chairs and ensuring stage visibility.

Seating arrangement plays an important role in designing auditorium spaces. If you are planning to design an auditorium, contact Leadcom Seating for expert advice regarding seating arrangements and the finest quality chairs.