Create An Oasis For Your Home or Office

Water can be beneficial in many different ways to enhance our personal lives and can be used effectively in the work environment to improve the productivity of workers and satisfaction of clients. One way to make a lasting impression on someone is to affect as many of their five senses as you can. You can create this impression in your personal life as well as your professional.


On a personal level, there are many things you can do to your home to make it a haven for rest. You can turn your backyard into a virtual paradise with water fountains and water gardens, or koi ponds. Spending the time to beautify your property will give you the needed break from the hectic hustle and bustle you experience in your daily work environment. There is something extremely relaxing about getting on your hands and knees and playing in the dirt like you did when you were a kid. The act of doing physical labour can cause a decrease in your stress level. It is also extremely satisfying to create something beautiful and functional with your two hands that will impress anyone who sets foot in your back yard. You can get all of the materials you need from a store that specialises in creating ponds and water gardens. A reputable store will have an extremely knowledgeable staff that can advise and guide you to create the best possible landscape while staying within your budget.

On a professional level, you can turn your office into a relaxing atmosphere for your customers who may not even realize why they feel better after leaving your place of business. Installing a water blade on a wall in your reception area or waiting room will not only create an impressive decorative display, but it will calm and relax your clients while they are waiting. They will be mesmerized watching the ripples and won’t even realize time has passed or why they feel like they had a power nap. There is a reason many 5-star hotels and restaurants have elaborate fountains and waterfalls cascading in strategic places. Watching the waterfalls or amazing displays created by someone’s imagination can make the time fly by while you are waiting in an extremely long line to check in. Seeing water cascading down an entire wall of a hotel lobby or watching colourful beams of water shoot in and out of a pool creates memories you don’t easily forget.


On a personal level, water can create white noise that can be beneficial to many people to help improve sleep. White noise has been proven to block out street noise or noisy neighbours so you can get a peaceful night of sleep. The sound of the ocean crashing against the rocks of a shoreline or rain landing on a tin roof will put the worst insomniac to rest. It would be great to have a babbling brook running outside your bedroom window anytime you please. Besides the soothing water noise, a backyard pond or water garden also brings birds and other wildlife that are extremely relaxing to listen to late at night or early in the morning. All you have to do after a long day of work is walk out into your garden of paradise and relax in your lounge chair, close your eyes, and let the stresses of the day flow away with the sounds of the water meandering past.

On a professional level, white noise can be very productive for your employees by creating a better atmosphere for concentration. Noises from the cubicle next to you or the fax machine next to your desk can be drowned out by the noise of the fountain in the lobby or water panel running down the office wall. Any opportunity you have to create a better work environment will increase productivity and will make your employees happier. All of this will ultimately result in a more successful company. Some large hotels have marvellous displays of water that look like it is dancing to music. You can see people line the streets to listen to the powerful music and watch the fountains rise and fall to the beat. This spectacle is another powerful example of how fountains set to sound can create a masterpiece.


On a personal level, the pride and feeling of accomplishment that you realize once you have created a backyard paradise of any kind is priceless. You can create a three by five little water garden or an entire tropical paradise and still have the same feeling of accomplishment. The feel of the rocks and dirt as you create something beautiful will give you hours of healthful benefits. You will be creating something beautiful out of a pile of rocks, a few plants, and water with your hands. If you get your family to help, the rewards in quality time spent together are invaluable.

On a professional level, you can provide some pretty solid team building exercises if you create something beautiful in your lunch area that everyone can admire. There are also proven health benefits associated with allowing the community to build things like koi ponds in a home for the elderly. It gives the tenants a sense of purpose and brings them closer together as a community that provides many health benefits that often go unnoticed.

Now that we have discussed the powerful benefits, both personally and professionally, of utilizing water in different ways to create beauty in our lives, it is necessary to find a place that can help make it happen. You can view Water Garden’s water features & fountains here.

Water has been known to have powerful healing effects on people for centuries. From distraction, amusement and relaxation, to sleep enhancement and stress relief, koi ponds and water fountains are among the few things that can accomplish just that. On a professional level, you can create an atmosphere conducive to quality production from your employees and strive to impress your potential clients. On a personal level, use your imagination to create a little slice of paradise in your backyard for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.