Comparison Between Backpacking Stove and Kitchen Stove

Usually both the backpacking stove and kitchen stoves are used for cooking purpose but at varying places. You can check out the various differences which you can find between a backpacking stove and kitchen stove as follows:

  • A backpacking stove is mostly used for cooking purpose when you are out -side and away from your home. The kitchen stove is usually used for the regular cooking at your home in kitchen.
  • The kitchen stoves are very heavy and hence you cannot move here and there. The backpacking stoves are very light in weight and can be carried out along with your backpacking where ever you go. MSR reactor is an example of a light weight backpacking stove.
  • A backpacking stove can be used in your home and best suitable for bachelor life where you just need to cook for one or two. A kitchen stove is just used only at home and it would not be possible for you to carry on your trips as these are very heavy and not safe to carry as well.
  • You can find different backpacking stoves which you can find in the market which can burn on gas, liquid gas or even twigs and other natural products which you can find in the market. Whereas the kitchen stove just burns with the help of gas and you might not be able to burn it with any other alternative options.
  • When you go for the backpacking stoves you can find some products which are multi fuel burning options available which is not possible with your normal kitchen stoves.
  • On your kitchen stoves you can cook for any number of people when you have the enough sized vessels but this is not the same with the backpacking stoves. The backpacking stoves can be used only for one or two peoples cooking depending on the capacity the manufacturer had provided.
  • When compared to the kitchen stoves the backpacking stoves are much affordable, cheaper and lighter in weight.
  • You can cook anything over your kitchen stoves which might not be possible on your backpacking stoves. Only simple and instant foods can be cooking over the backpacking stoves.
  • The backpacking stoves would be a great option when you are planning for a trip with your loved ones or friends where you can arrange cooking with the right kind of backpacking stoves. You can even cook in cold climatic conditions on backpacking stove and not on kitchen stove.