How to Combine Love for Rummy and Interior Designing?

If you are an interior designer who enjoys playing rummy, you are gifted. This is because combining skills of rummy and aesthetic outlook of an interior designer can create wonders. Rummy card game teaches organising skills and the need for order and method. Interior designing teaches how space can be altered by designing and arrangement tactics. When these two insights combine, just imagine how wonderful the result might turn out to be.

Have a Separate Space for Rummy Players

Someone who is a classic rummy fan is sure to make a space in his home that can accommodate card players. The space needs to have chairs and a coffee table at the centre. A few things that need to be considered as important are the height of the chairs and the table. It needs to be such that the players can play the game without interruption or any kind of distraction.

Focus on Light and Ambience

An interior designer understands the need for proper lighting and ambience. As a frequent rummy player, he will also know that poor lighting is a big distraction that prevents people from enjoying the game thoroughly. So, the living room and the play area should be so arranged that there is ample light and ventilation.

Manage Space to Suit the Ambience

A good interior designer knows how to beautify a home based on the space present. If you have a small space, you must choose minimalistic interior designing options. You need to make the maximum use of the space provided to you. On the contrary, if you have the luxury of space, you can be lavish with the décor ideas used and the interior designing aspects. Everything should be decided based on the space available to you.

Include Some Touches to Create the Clublike Feel

A rummy lover will know the need for a club-like feel while doing the interiors of his home. He may use some interesting playing card themed wall decals to decorate the corner of the room dedicated to playing. You may also use lamps with lamp shades that have designs of playing cards. Some other attractive addition to your room could be card shufflers and card holders of fascinating designs. You may use shag rugs to cover the floors in your play area. You may have a music player in the vicinity to play numbers that add to the club-like feel.

Space Management

The modern homes are comparatively smaller. That is why you need to be wise with the space management, especially when you wish to devote an area of your home for purposes as mentioned. What you may actually do is select some modular furniture that may occupy less space. You may opt for folding play tables for your living room. You may also go for chairs that can be dismantled once their purpose is served.

Interior designers understand that when things are done in a proper sequence, it gets managed pretty well. A rummy player’s home can be arranged to suit his whims and an interior designer’s orderly methods. This is a great way to combine rummy love with interior designing.