Cloud Based Solution For Higher Efficiency Of CAD Specialists

Communication is at the heart of every enterprise. Whether you are an individual professional or someone leading a team of professionals, you have to enable quick and simple communication and collaboration between team members to ensure organizational success. Individual performance is the key to success in every field. When it comes to CAD specialists, it is required to interact with both the in-house teams and clients. Reaching the final design can be nothing less than a daunting task. But technology is something that can help you get through all kinds of limitations and achieve your goals effectively.

Cloud Based Solution For Higher Efficiency Of CAD Specialists

Embracing Cloud Technology as a CAD Specialist

Technology has affected both professional and personal aspects of almost everyone’s life. Everyone carries around powerful smartphones and tablets that allow them to carry out so many tasks with just a few taps. Cloud technology is increasingly being used in professional environments to simplify and speed up processes and to increase organizational profits. CAD specialists can also make the most of this new technology in simplifying their processes and improving their productivity. Here, you will get useful information about the best cloud based services which can help CAD specialists.

Hosted SharePoint: This cloud based solution enables CAD specialists to communicate, collaborate and share information among team members. One of the best benefits of this service is that you could develop your own website and host it on the cloud in a few steps. There is no need for advanced web development knowledge. You can then store your work and files on the site and share with your team and clients.

SharePoint service allows you to host various types of website to meet your specific needs. You can build an intranet, extranet, or a client facing site. CAD specialists can set up a website for document management and communication purpose. You could collaborate with your team to design projects and allow your clients or account manager to access the project from any location. Get instant feedbacks, which will help in improving your turnaround. All your files can be stored in a central location on the cloud and can be made accessible as per the permissions granted.

Benefits of Hosted SharePoint

With Hosted SharePoint 2016 you are no longer confined to your desktop. You can allow others to access, edit and share your projects on the cloud from any location. The cloud hosted SharePoint site is compatible with all the operating systems and devices being used today. It doesn’t matter if another CAD specialist in your team is working on an iPad or your client wants to access and view the project on his Mac or Windows system. There is no effect on the user experience or performance on any device.

You can get your entire team on the projects at hand, without concern they are located in other offices or are working as freelancers. All this can be achieved without any cost. Visit to learn more about this wonderful cloud solution.

Hosted Cloud Desktop: When you use virtual desktop, it will help boost your team’s performance while reducing the overhead costs. This service allows accessing a virtual desktop from any remote location and on any computer or mobile system. It will give you total freedom to your team, while boosting your overall efficiency.

CAD projects are highly time and effort intensive. Hosted Cloud Desktop provides total data-loss-prevention and security for your files and documents. Even if you lose your local data due to virus infection or other disaster, you will not have to worry about your data stored on the cloud. Hosted desktop service provides you multi-layered protection against data leakage and virus attacks.

Apps4Rent brings you Hosted Cloud Desktop that enables you and your team to access all of your software programs and emails. You can access your applications over a browser / Remote Data Protocol with the right client on any device.

Beyond giving access to your desktop remotely, the cloud desktop also allows you and your team to access local resources such as printers and other peripherals. You may even put access permissions for your software. This cloud service is entirely secure and gets backed up daily. You will also receive 24 by 7 support to address any kind of queries or issues. Check to learn more about this cloud solution.

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