Choosing Between Laminate And Hardwood Flooring

Our family recently bought a home in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We instantly knew it was time to upgrade our flooring. We decided to go with either laminate or hardwood for our Tulsa home. There are many benefits to each one and some cons as well.

The Benefits of Laminate

Laminate flooring is a cheaper option than hardwood, and it also comes in a wide variety of choices. You can pick from many different colors and patterns that will enhance the look of your home. Laminate can resemble stone, tile, or even hardwood, but it just costs a fraction of the price of these other flooring choices.

This material is also easy to keep clean. It is spill-resistant and a great low-maintenance option for any home. Laminate is a strong and durable choice as well.

Cons of Laminate

Laminate is a beautiful choice and it will last a long time, but not as long as hardwood. This type of flooring cannot be refinished like real wood, so you will have to replace it eventually.

Benefits of Hardwood

Hardwood is a warm and inviting choice that will enhance the look of your home and raise its value. Hardwood flooring can go with just about any decor, and it is a wonderful choice for every room in your home. You can choose from many different wood types, colors, and finishes to have a unique look for the inside of your property. Whether you are going for a rustic charm or want to have an upscale look, hardwood flooring can be the right choice.

This type of flooring is also simple to keep clean. If you spill something, you can easily wipe it up. Scratches and dents can occur in wood, but they can often be left alone since they give a flooring more character. If a hardwood floor ever gets too scratched up, it can always be refinished. You can consider hardwood to be a great investment.

Cons of Hardwood

Hardwood floors can be more expensive than laminate and other flooring options. You have to pay to have a quality hardwood flooring material that will last.

Enjoy Your Flooring Choice

There are many differences in laminate flooring and hardwood flooring choices. My home in Tulsa would look good with either choice, but the differences are very noticeable. Laminate flooring can look similar to wood, but it does not offer the endurance and strength of real wood. Laminate can help you to save money and have a beautiful looking flooring though. It is much cheaper than hardwood flooring. Both options are stain-resistant, but hardwood flooring offers a little more protection. Laminate floors are easy to keep clean. You can simply wipe it down. Hardwood floors are also easy to keep clean as long as they are finished properly. Either choice will look great in your home, so take your time and decide which one will work best for your unique needs. I ended up going with hardwood floors throughout my home, but I think either option would work for most people.

Brücke Flooring was very helpful to us while working on our home improvements and flooring.